My A6 "cute" keyboard not working

My A6 keyboard doesn’t work. USB keyboards are fine. Pogopin is probably fine too. There is no problem in booting the OS. I don’t know what caused it.
I want to use devterm’s keyboard! I want to use that “cute” keyboard!
Is there any workaround?

Make sure keyboard is seated correctly.

If you want to make sure the keyboard itself is good, remove it and connect it to the devterm with a micro-usb cable.

Could you please do the following:

  1. Remove both case halves from your DevTerm
  2. Turn it on like usual
  3. With the keyboard not working, take a look on the DevTerm’s side and see if there is a green LED blinking (it’s not in the line of sight, but the light can be seen through the translucent plastic chassis)

If you can see it, then it means that your keyboard is stuck in bootloader mode.

Thanks pkr! Thanks gsurkov!

My devterm’s “KAWAII” keyboard works!
I used a micro USB cable to connect the keyboard to Devterm.
It didn’t work at first, but I reset it several times, unplugged the cable, and plugged it. Then it works again!
Reassembled, no problem, keyboard is working!

I’m very happy! Thak you so much!

Today my 06 keyboard is now in bootloader mode again.
Green LED is blinking …
Is there an easy way to chane to normal mode?

Pop out the batteries and wait ten seconds. Pop em in and start back up. The question is why and how it goes into bootloader mode at all without assistance?

Thanks mowgi!
It’s very helpful for me!

And I don’t know why keybord goes into bootloader mode.
But I feel like I’m in trouble when my Devterm gets really hot. Because I often use python for data analysis.
Fan doesn’t seem to be working, so I’m thinking of checking the settings. When I received Devterm, the OS was no longer up to date, so I used a new os image.

I have started another topic with more technical info on the problem, it looks like a widespread fault, but I can’t exactly pinpoint its cause yet.
From what it looks like now, I think it’s a manufacturing defect associated either with faulty components or (less likely) assembly oversights. Which means there will be no easy fix (it would probably involve replacing the microcontroller or programming via a hardware programmer).
I would be very happy to be proven wrong, however!
And I surely hope the Clockwork team will have some info on that.