My uConsole cover REAL one

I made a uConsole cover, modeled it using FreeCAD, and prepared it for 3D printing to test the rationality of the design and structure.

Dimensional control is the focus of testing. Although I downloaded the stl file of uConsole, I found that there are still some errors with the real thing. Finally, I modeled it with reference to the real thing and the stl file.

It took some time to use FreeCAD for modeling for the first time, but it was worth it. In the process of getting familiar with the software, the design of the cover was iterated twice. The earliest design used a chute method to fix the cover to the middle frame. The risk of needing to change the middle frame is greater than giving up. This solution takes advantage of the plane difference between the jack panels on both sides of the uConsole to create a buckle design. Whether it works well can only be tested after 3D printing. In order to ensure that the lid fits accurately with the uConsole, 6 screw-position feet are designed on the back, which also ensures the flatness of the lid. There are also 4 fixed positions reserved for wear-resistant rubber pads on the surface.

I have arranged for 3d printing and if the job matches the design I will send actual photos.

This one is the chute design. Considering that the middle frame needs to be modified, it has not been completed.


Nice work! Congratulations to use the open source Freecad software. If I understand, your design allows you to slide the cover? like a FX calculator?
I created a different design, but yours would be ideal for my use.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, exactly like TI calculator. but it was necessary to reprint a middle frame, and a chute was opened on each of the two sides of the middle frame, but since there have six screw holes for fixing screws in the middle frame so i gave up. The last drawing is the chute design.

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3d nylon printing


It’s looks very nice! However, you can’t put it on the back, because of the battery bump… it’s a “general cover problem”!