My way of getting 18650s

I guess there is gonna be a long time before I get my unit…

Even though, I need to get ready. So I went online and checked for cm4 and 18650 batteries.

The cheapest is made by Samsung, 3400ma capacity for around 17 euros.

But I’m not gonna pay that much money for it, given this current economy. So I looked around and found a power bank that I am not using anymore.

The capacity is probably 16000, I found five cells inside it, so each cell should be around 3200 ma. But it has been at least 7 years old, so I am not sure about how much left.

They are quite good. I checked the name, it is Panasonic ncr18650be, made in Japan. So I assume the quality is noice

So 34 euros saved for me.

Where are you located? You should absolutely not be paying 17 euros per battery for 18650s. My Samsung 35Es were $4.65 USD a pop and at that price I probably overpaid. 18650s are not expensive batteries.

I am currently in Latvia. I looked at euronics and RD electronics and found the listing price is like that. They also have one frome Nitecore, 2600ma for 14 euros. Other ones above 3000ma are like creazily expensive.

Like these: Meklēšana 18650

But they have very good packages and looks really legit.

I am sure there are some other places where I can find a cheaper deal, like e-cigarette stores. But I guess I’ll be using these green little friends and keep a powerbank with me just in case

For sure, harvesting the cells from a power bank was a clever solution.

Mm. I loaded mine with (purportedly) Panasonic 18650’s. The NCR18650GA variant. Uptime is about 4-5 hours. Sorta wish I could get more hours with the batteries rated at 3450mAh each, but I dunno where to start.
I bought them at about $9 each, by the way.

I have seen some AliExpress 18650s with insane capacity, like 9800ma.

7 euros for 4. Quite attractive price.and it even comes with a charger.

But I don’t know if these are legit. Looks very suspicious though.

From my humble knowledge, current technology allows the maximum capacity for li-ion nickel batteries in this size is 3600ma…

Either Chinese manufacturers made a groundbreaking breakthrough in technology or these numbers are inflated.

Thanks. I checked the Xiaomi power bank price. It is like 30 to 40 euros here.

So average out, like 6-8 euros for one 18650.

As cautioned in many different responses in the forum, be careful where you source your 18650’s. Any such battery that claims to have a capacity beyond 4000 3500mAh per piece is definitely not worth trusting. Amazon and AliExpress are hardly such reliable stores.

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Yeah, I made the mistake of buying 18650s on Amazon, which it turns out has restrictions that keep genuine bare Li-Po batteries off of its store. Saw they had a 9000mah rating and spelling mistakes on the label. Immediately threw them straight in an e-waste bin.

I’d recommend finding a store that specializes in selling batteries for hobbyists or vape pens at a fair price, they are out there, and look for cells from manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Panasonic.

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Someone gave me a couple of the 4000mAh batteries to test. They came out at less than 500mAh. The first big hint is when you pick them up, they are really light.


Why not Tesla battery pack? It’s even cheaper by numbers.

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That is actually a good idea. Perhaps we can all chip in, get a Tesla and harvest the batteries and then perhaps we can still sell the car anyhow.

These Tesla batteries are bad ass looking and I bet the capacity is amazing.