NEOGEO games not working


Weird I have yet to download a rom set that didn’t have it tucked in there somewhere has to tell the rom to work as AES or MVS both had different menu options and one works with lives one with coins.


do i need a bios for mame? how do i tell which romset is for raiden fighter? some roms have " [MAME 0.139U1 ]" listed but some only say mame


whatever core your using… just google “[insert core here] romset”

it should atleast give you a number (like 0.78) so you know what set to get the roms from.

I downloaded the 0.78 romset from and it has a plethora of NEOGEO titles that work.


I just realized how this probably looks lol

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Best NEOGEO game ever.

And it happens to be Xavier Woods’ favourite game, of youre a WWE fan.


Feels bad, I’m guessing romsets are something special? I really just want to play these 3 raiden fighter games. Guess I’ll have to find sets that have them for .78. I only found 1.39u ROMs for raiden fighter :confused:


the first day i use this clockwork pi. your need put a with your rom in the same path.


how’d you get mame games to full screen like that?


I think that Windjammer is a Neo Geo game. The Neo Geo games are usually full screen, at least it has been for me. However, there are quite a few Mame arcade games that could benefit from a 4:3 screen ratio. I think the .3 version of the CPI OS comes with the retro arch set to a custom ratio. I changed mine to 4:3 and it made many of the games playable, but broke some. I do not know how to set a screen ratio for each game, but to change it, you can press shift and menu while in a mame game and go to the video driver settings and look for ratio. Lots of different ratios, I find the 4:3 works best for me to get many of the games to show in a full screen.


Because the rom contain .rom files which is not compitable with mame simulator, you should find the rom just contain .bin files. I have solved problem.


I was having a problem with the games because the ROM file name and the name of the game in the rar file was different. So I change the file names to be the same and the games I mean NEOGEO games start to work.