Mslug3 not run in MAME2003PLUS

my game rom is size 30M, not run game. why? if size less than 30M is ok.

Can you try to run it on Retroarch?

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Do you have the aproproate bios installed? Fairly sure you will need the bios installed.

Try also using the FBalpha core from within retroarch. You’ll need go use the online update to download additional cores.

Alternatively, seek out the PlayStation ISO of metal slug. It’s arguably “better”. Or the GBA one for that matter.

Other MAME games can be played. Only installed
How can I install ? thankyou.

I copied into the game directory and returned to the menu after running the game.
why? thank you.

Not into the game folder. Put it into Apps/Emulators/Bios
And use FBNeo for MetalSlug, it run flawless.

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I put into Apps/Emulators.
How can I use FBNeo fro MetalSlug? thankyou.
I’m first play this gameshell. I am stupid.:slight_smile:

No, you’re not stupid! It’s a strange thing where you’re almost expected to know how to use linux, retroarch and other things that the regular consumer would have no idea about!

Anyway, have a look at this; cross referencing the libretro documentation, regarding retroarch and arcade emulation. Just to save someone having to reiterate what has already been mentioned.


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Sharing copyrighted content is not allowed and can get you in trouble with the copyright holders.

That’s what Lix has suggested, asking if you’ve tried FB Neo. Have a look at that link that I replied to you above, following the instructions.

Is there any other way we can help you?

Um… did you just upload Roms to the forums?? I … would get rid of that ASAP! I am on my phone, so I didn’t download it to check.

yes, I up it.
FB Neo is installed GS. but can not play game. I started game, then exit menu.

Unfortunately this is not allowed on the forum. ROM’s are covered by copyright law and you can ‘officially’ only use roms of which you own the original game (not a lawyer so wording might be off). There are many sites offering them for download but unless it is shareware or made very clear that the copyright has been lifted, this is from a legal perspective, a crime.

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