New Clockwork device: The DevTerm

I don’t remember them saying they would discontinue the GameShell

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yes, they didn’t say that , but they also didn’t say that gameshell will get continue support, and its still out of stock. i guess we will just have to wait a few day, may be we can get a statement of some sorts.

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I’m half expecting a surprise Christmas drop, re: gameshell news. It’s still only been less than a day since the devterm has been announced.

@guu gave a very cryptic and subtle hint re: the DevTerm in a previous thread. No doubt they are going to continue this trend, no doubt unveiling components for the gameshell.

The fact that they haven’t called this a gameshell pro, or gameshell 2, or even mentioned the word gameshell would almost imply that they haven’t deprecated the gameshell OG, and are making the DevTerm alongside the gameshell. I’m imagining using it as a terminal to SSH into the gameshell as an alternative to my laptop.

The mention of a clockwork pi compute module makes me feel optimistic about a potential gameshell board upgrade. Since they were in the works, producing PCBs from scratch, it wouldn’t surprise me if they had a few other tricks up their sleeve. Besides sourcing parts, a 4:3 screen would be a trivial matter compared to the 16:12 behemoth of the DevTerm.

What I’m mostly keen on seeing a come back are possible custom shells and module chassis. Sure you can print them yourself, but seeing a restocked store would be fantastic; possibly even taking into account user submitted designs. (Build in light key etc)

I think there used to be a mod/dev member called @veronica who used to deal with PR etc, but I haven’t heard from her for a long time.

It would seem to be a pretty uncomfortable device to continuously look down at and type on if the screen isnt tilted or adjustable at least slightly… I hope the designers are considering that.
A hinge or … something would be nice.

Thanks! @Godzil,
The A04 uses a Quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU, while the A06 uses a Dual-core Cortex-A72 + Quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU, on ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture. Yes, the ClockworkPi v3.14 mainboard is compatible with Raspberry Pi CM3 compute module.

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Thanks for having patience and faith with us. 2020 is hard for everyone.
We will definitely continue to develop and support GameShell. We are planning an upgraded CPU module for the GameShell, and a new 640x480 IPS screen module…, probably in the first half of 2021.


I saw the cpu module. looks great.

That’s great news! Don’t drop support for GS! Good luck with DevTerm


Need more stickers!!


Great news! Thanks, ClockworkPi. Both GameShell and DevTerm are my dream devices. Good luck with the new product DevTerm!


I’m going to preorder as soon as I decide which one I want. From what you said, the A04 uses a slightly older chip, and the A06 uses the old chip PLUS a faster chip. Do the the two chips work together as one CPU? What about the RPI-CM3 option? Does it use an RPi compute module as its brains? It comes without the compute module and you have to buy one separately and plug it in? Another question, do the A04 and A06 have a slot for the CM as well?

I can’t wait to print randomly generated mazes and solve Advent of Code challenges on it!


No the A06 do not use two SoC, there is one with a big.LITTLE arrangement of cores.


the RPi one you need to buy a compatible compute module


i hope the DevTerm is gonna be available with different face plate colors like the GameShell

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I’ve been trying to build something similar to the DevTerm over the last year or so, and I’m completely sold on the A06 model, I’m a big enthusiast of the RPI’s and linux in general and as a freelance developer these T100 style machines really inspire me! The thermal printer is reminiscent of the Epson ‘laptops’ from the 80’s and I love it! I feel like the FN + CTRL button layout shouldn’t be too hard to change via the AVR based hardware from what’s been said above? Failing that can be remapped in Linux itself with just a little bit of tinkering. I would also say that if the viewing angle is truly full, then viewing the device as a flat surface or angling the screen won’t really make a difference to your posture, since you can see it as well flat as you might angled, correct me if I’m wrong? As for my question, will there be some footage available soon? The renders look brilliant but I’m reluctant to part with 319 dollars until I’ve seen some actual footage of it working and perhaps some typing. I feel this is really well thought out, I’d love to get my hands on one as soon as possible! :smile_cat:


As for my question, will there be some footage available soon? The renders look brilliant but I’m reluctant to part with 319 dollars until I’ve seen some actual footage of it working and perhaps some typing.

that, and i would also like to see the STLs so we can see how big it would be and potentially make a 3d-printed case to hold the screen at an angle.


Absolutely agree, they are supposed to be on the Github according to the product page but alas, nowhere to be found as yet and I can’t wait to find out the dimensions of this thing. I know air travel is beyond thought for many of us right now, myself included, but this on a plane seems like a perfect match to me


Also, the A04 and the A06 are modules exactly like the CM3, so yeah the port it there but used by the A0x

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You’ve seen a physical production unit? Leaked images? I’d be keen to see a close up of the schematics to see what hardware we’re dealing with exactly.

So far we’ve only seen the 3.14 (heh pi) without any compute module.

Where did you see the module? Besides here and the official site, I haven’t seen much media coverage. I might fling this on social media, and let my game journalist friends know about it. Although I’m not sure if this classifies as a gaming device.

Meantime, I have made the first mock-up DevTerm. It feels nice to hold. No problems with viewing angle. Prepare yourselves.

Realistically, I’m probably not going to be able to afford this till later in 2021, since the PS5 bill has left me scrounging on ramen and instant coffee. I’ll just play make believe for a little longer.

Doing a little bit of reading, it looks as though the top end clockwork 3.14 compute modules use the same cortex A72 as a raspberry Pi 4. Couple that with the mali t864 which is generally touted at being more powerful than the Broadcom videocore vi THEORETICALLY should make the clockwork 3.14 compute module more powerful than a raspberry Pi 4; and cooler!

Considering that in a 64bit environment I’ve been able to emulate up to a Nintendo Wii/GameCube (dolphin), there should be very little that you can throw at the newer modules that it can’t run. That said, I’m not sure how much this is being promoted as a gaming device.

If the future Gameshell mainboard a will be of a similar Calibre, I’m getting excited about the huge power boost! - good thing the back of the Gameshell is ready to vent out all that potential heat!


Though the DevTerm shape and screen is really not the best for emulation, but yeah the CPU core is beefier than on the GameShell CPi

And we clearly can expect a new mainboard for the gameshell at some point. Probably not soon though, the board for the DevTerm will not fit.

(also I haven’t seen anything than mockup up so far, even the PCB they show are 3D render)

So, clearly no DevTerm for Christmas (as I’ve seen it asked here or on Discord, can’t remember), and even if I fully trust ClockworkPi, be prepared that the April deadline may not be met and the product delivered a bit later.