New way to upgrade to bookworm from clockworkpi original os release

Created an image using this method, please download here and after first boot up do a “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get full-upgrade” to update to bookworm, this will take a while and recommend selecting “Y” for all options that pop up.

So was trying to find some new ways of getting bookworm on uconsole after my copy of the os crashed on me after updating. Followed the steps on here to update straight from the os release made by clockworkpi and seemed to work great. I followed the first guide (out of 2, the third one is just the usual way of flashing an os) and it was simple but long. There were some inputs that i just used a default settings for and one point where i had restart set to auto. After it was done it came to the usual screen of it being sideways but this time the mouse was invisible mouse, you have to set the config to wayland using “sudo raspi-config” (good luck selecting the terminal, just scroll to the top left and youll see the options being highlighted) and go into advance settings and select the wayland option. After a reboot you will get the usual pi os we are used to with a visible mouse but still rotated screen (change in apps>screen config) but yh seems to be great but theres the disappearing wifi issue but the usual “wifi fix” using raspi-config doesnt work with the option being gone. Will look at it more tomorrow but yh thought i will let people know this method especially for the less linux savi people out there. This method is a lot easier than the other options out there. Please inform here on any issues or fixes if you try this out. I might try and sort out an os image once i found out all the fixes.

Oh forgot to mention this will still keep everything you had on there before the update.

I know the kernel is out of date, but thats the kernel the clockwork pi image came with so im sure there are ways to update it but havent done so yet

Wifi icon missing fix

Just pop in “sudo systemctl enable NetworkManager” and reboot and it should be there

Soooooo :eyes: brightness works this way and its pretty smooth, also during update to bookworm when it gives you the promt to keep default or install new packages, installing new (or Y) actually performs better so yh i recommend this way if you want bookworm fully functional but dont mind the lower kernel

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