Nintendo 64 emulation

So Im just wondering how well the unit could run a n64 emulator or even if its possible. Thanks in advance,

This core is available for Libretro (can’t say if it can be even loaded by Retroarch)

try it out and let us know!

I think it can run most n64 games at a reasonable speed with some slow down, my biggest concern would be the lack of buttons on the system

I agree, but I feel that can b compensated by the light buttons

I disagree, the n64 controller has a dpad, a joystick, a, b, 4 yellow buttons, start button, 2 shoulders and Z. I think that the lightkey module would ease this but not comfortably.

I think a better option is to design a seperate joypad module and case that has more buttons. It is a modular open source console after all

Perhaps, I thought may be convenient to just plug in one of those micro usb to usb connectors then plug in my ps2 controller into that. Idk how easy itll be to map it but if its easy thatd be nice

Or you could go with a Bluetooth solution!

Why buy a controller when I already have one?

I think @lasvegas was just suggesting any bluetooth controller so that you don’t have to worry about a converter and a cable. If you are going to use a controller i recommend an 8bitdo controller, i use the sf30 personally. Although i dont see much point in using a controller with the gameshell at all since it has a controller on it already, it would be like plugging a controller into a gameboy…

Yeah, though I’m just saying since I already have the controller and converters. If I didnt already have them, yeah Id get a bluetooth one but since I dont itd be useful. Also when the hdmi capabilities are fully utilized thats when I’d probably make the most use of this feature.

Or you don’t have to do any of that, I think. I’m not sure if I’m right but the Gameshell has all the buttons you need. A and B can be A and B. X and Y can be 2 C buttons. 2 Shoulder buttons can be L and R. 1 shoulder button can be Z. Finally The last 2 shoulder buttons can be last 2 C buttons. Do you need the joystick, because you can just use the d-pad

Ha that’s a bit of a necro bump more than a year later.
Some games use both the D-pad and the analogue stick. You’ll need to modify the arduino to allow a shift+Dpad combination to register a secondary key set for directions if you want them all.

Furthermore, trying to draw a circle with an analogue stick is very possible. Doing the same with a digital D-Pad is almost impossible. Sometimes you really do need an analogue stick.

This is probably more interesting, leading towards the notion of built in thumbsticks or even switch style slotted removeble controllers.

how can I do that? Wich games use both.?

Shadows of the Empire was one. Here’s an excerpt from gamefaqs:

There are more, but this is one that prominently uses the dpad and the control stick. In fact, to activate the debug mode cheat, you need to hold some ridiculous key combo, and tilt the analogue stick 50% for 5s in one direction, then do it again in the opposite a few times. This is a very specific case however, and not one integral fo the game.

Some games even require you to hold the n64 controller with the right hand on the analogue and the left on the Dpad; which interestingly enough is how we more often than not use modern consoles.

As for how to do it, if you want to use an analogue joystick, you can follow the directions of the users who posted above you, and use an external controller.