Nintendo Cartridges support

No, that software does not enable a comprehensive programming eisel. For such an eisel, I would need to pay an intelligence devourer to zombify the game developer and bend him to my insidious and diabolical will.

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Pffft, C isn’t that bad. Besides, you have like… over a thousand examples you could use? :stuck_out_tongue:

Now a word from my lawyer:
We have not programmed a game boy game and thus cannot represent the ease of the creation of new games or the illegal action of pirating roms for example code. We hope you understand


I just copy and pasted this article so you’d know exactly what I want for Christmas. I would like to be able to copy and paste an exact detailed analogue for anything I imagine in such a way that my gameboy automatically plays my dreams exactly the way I want them. Also, I’ll take the lawyer. How could that go wrong? I’ll especially need the lawyer as soon I finish Daniel Suarez’s Daemon. Veeery interesting…

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3956 examples to be exact. Excluding rom hacks of course.

I think you can mix and match your dreams with a little practice.

Intellect Devourers are way to expensive! Have you seen what they go for at PetSmart?! All game developers have secrets. Just threaten to release an old game of theirs. You dont need to have it, just threaten to have it

We do not advocate blackmail or the trafficing of demonic creatures.

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You aren’t supposed to buy them at PetSmart because that company traffics with ilicit evil monster mills. Those mills are very cruel (the mills, not anyone with adequate legal defense). Demonic creatures have feelings, too.

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As a hobbyist open-source game developer, I feel no fear from your threats to show other people my bug-ridden games.

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I sort of mothballed my business a few years back just because the writing turned out very well. There’s a part of me that I do want to keep my hand in the game and of course I’m constantly learning about software and development tools but not in the same way that I did before, to solve a real meaty enterprise level, mission critical problem. It’s because I want to keep up or I see something interesting and I play around with new tools. I don’t actively consult right now, but I do keep up with these things. ─ Daniel Suarez

Anyway, I thought you developers would love to read more about Daemon and the BTC (Bureau of Technological Control). As for me, I’m just doing some Pycharm and hoping to make a coolish card game. I get a lot more unctuous about an awesome new story, but if I can do a game, I really look forward to that.

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They’re evolving! Fall back! FALL BACK!

@TrapaPie I have the book open in another tab. The abstract I found online made it seem like my type of book. Gonna read between classes.

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Yeah, I like that author. Did you know the NSA actually did a raid on his house because he spooked them with his ghost story? He subsequently got interrogated for being too smart. Nevertheless, I really disagree with him on why Bitcoin isn’t a good idea.

He says that the coins have no inherent value, but actually, the solution to a complicated math problem is valuable because it is rare. Instead, I think the biggest problem with bitcoin is that the blockchain technology used to ensure the integrity of the data is vulnerable to collusion. Besides that, the technology enables hoarding, laundering, and an assortment of seedy practices.

Truly impenetrable cryptography is an apocalyptic event, irony intended.

But why would anyone put this here? And who’s ultimately responsible?

Humans are much better at lying than they are at telling the truth, especially the ones who make money. Oh, and that’s especially true teleologically. And if you don’t use teleology, then you don’t receive as much information, not true or false but instead useful or non-useful for one’s own standing. And how’s anyone to prove who was crazy about what without saying who or why? If you make it illegal, the party responsible for monitoring intelligence becomes more hypocritical and discursively dishonest than anyone. There’s no cure. #FeelsGoodMan

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As for every program you can make, do you know? If you don’t know how a computer work, not going to be easy to make (efficient) code for it.