"No removable drive detected" when attempting to flash using balenaEtcher

I’m trying to reflash my gameshell to 0.5 using the recommended tool, balenaEtcher. I have the .img file downloaded and extracted, and the gameshell is connected to my laptop via USB and is powered up, but balenaEtcher can’t see the gameshell as a removable drive. When I attempt to select a drive target in balenaEtcher, I see the error “Connect a drive! No removable device detected.”

Thoughts on what might be wrong? I can’t see the gameshell in Windows Explorer, but I did see Windows try to set it up as sort of a ‘generic device’ the first time I plugged it in, and Window chimes when I remove the cable or reboot the gameshell.

You can´t use etcher that way, you need to remove the micro SD, plug it into an SD to USB and then you can flash it.

The gameshell USB is a CDC Ethernet device, so it won´t appear in the explorer, it will appear rather in the networks.

Thanks, they really need to hire someone to write some basic documentation. I have it flashed. Now just to get the shoulder buttons from MGBA mapped to X and Y…