No uconsole fans in France?

I wonder how many people here have a uconsole in France? (i have one and will order soon a second).

However, someone here posted one for sale (at a good price - in France) and it did not sell and someone listed a new one on leboncoin (ok price) and that is also still not sold. So maybe French people (i am Canadian - living in France so not really French ) do not like it? I wonder why

Not from france but over the channel in england southeast coast, maybe there should be a uconsole locator sheet where anyone who owns a uconsole can sign up a general location so people can find out other people around your location like they do with pwngrid for the pwnagotchi

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tbh, it looks a bit fishy. i had contact with two sellers, both claim to be from france, one of them was very dubious…

generally all other people (atleast i found) who said they want to sell in europe sold them in a few hours, some even with a high markup on original price.

I contacted the person on leboncoin. He offered me his setup for 300 (I wanted to pay 250 with no CM4 - so no go for me).

With leboncoin your purchase is 100% guaranteed (I bought and sold many times): seller does not get the money before you got the item and tried it out.

So I think that person is 100% legit.

I contacted the other person (who was selling on this forum his A6 unit) - he wanted Paypal and no guarantee (I offered him transaction via Leboncoin to protect me and him - he said “no”). So that was less secure.

But I agree with you - in Europe these go very fast, hence my question: maybe France IS different? (as the 300 euro price is very fair, considering the duties that were paid and the extras included)

Still waiting…order #218XX

You could cancel and buy locally? I do not mind to wait for my second unit as i have the first one to play with. But the first one i got in silver and without cm4 so it came quickly (less than 90 days)

Hi, I’m French and I receive mine one week ago, no issues, everythings is fine …


Got mine yesterday only 11 months after ordering

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