uConsole for sale in France on Leboncoin - fake?

Hello all, I have a question for you. I am considering to get (in France) a second uConsole (the first one is amazing!). I discovered that someone is selling a (new?) one in France on Leboncoin (it seems - available immediately). The price is a bit high, but it comes with extras (and no duty). Would you consider this? Or is it too expensive and I should get one from CWPI instead? Here is the link https://www.leboncoin.fr/ordinateurs/2646327332.htm

I would if I was wanting one without the wait, but if I already had one I’d wait on a second and not pay the extra cost. I’m most likely going to buy a second one after mine arrives myself.

Thank you. Good point. I will try to see if I can do a face to face transaction, that way I can try the unit before picking it up. (I may gift my first unit to a good friend - so it would be beneficial to get the second one soon)

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Tbh im thinking of getting just the mother board and then piece together my own cyberdeck

Sounds like a plan! Can you share details?

Update - contacted the seller and made an offer of euro 250 without cm4. He is not selling separately but offered the setup for 300. I do not need a cm4 so passed but maybe someone here finds this interesting for 300 all in with extras?

Well its just mostly get the mother board and a touchscreen and probably add some peripherals added and a slide out keyboard. Still only just an idea in my head, wanting it to be a wrist strapped computer too

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