uConsole for sale

Hello all, I have a new uConsole for sale in France (can ship anywhere in Europe - for US would need to check the cost, could be high for insured parcel).

The unit is silver; comes with CM4 chip (4GB), batteries, custom case, screen protector (one applied, one extra) and if you like a 64GB heavy duty Sandisk MicroSD with the most recent OS.

I paid USD 229 for it (shipped to France) plus EURO 60 to Fedex.

I would be willing to sell at cost (and the extras are free) - so EURO 215 + EURO 60 = EURO 275 (+ cost of insured shipping to wherever you are).

We can do secured paypal payment or any other method you suggest.

Any questions - please do ask.

I am glad to send pictures of any detail you wish to see.

This is also listed on leboncoin - here: https://www.leboncoin.fr/ordinateurs/2646327332.htm

Of course the price offered to this group is 300 euro (shipped flat rate) and not 375 as on the listing


I do not need the CM4 module - would you sell without? What would be the price?

Sorry. Do not sell separately. Maybe you could buy together and then sell the CM4 to someone?

No one interested? I do not get this - many people wait for super long for a uconsole (and some cancel), and now there is one ready to go and no one cares? Weird…

just to clarify – is it cm4 or cm4+4g?

i think, primarily, one of the things people want most is to open the box and build it themselves

It is wifi (no 4g). You may be right - what i find that building is great but as there are many issues, your device may or may not work. A built and tested unit will work. But i can easily take it apart if someone wants the uncertain build experience :blush:

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unfortunately, i ordered mine specifically because it has 4g. but i think you’ll find someone sooner or later!

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I understand. You may need to wait for a while. Alternatively there are many low cost 4g dongles that work on the usb port

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You describe it as new but it sounds used?

It was assembled and tested. Then put in its custom case. Not sure if that is used or new for you? Batteries were charged once and still nearly full. (the unit arrived from china about 2 weeks ago; i wanted to use it for an engineering project but by the time it arrived the project was over, so not used)

To me, that is used. Like new at best. New feels disingenuous. My two cents. Good luck selling!

Ok. Thank you. Noted. Will call it like new. Would it be of interest to you?

Sold. Thank you! 20 characters

Received it today. Thank you!!! I already tethered it to my phone; I’m using it now to type this!!