Noob Here! Need some help on what this all means

yes, flash the sd card will wipe all data present,

you’ll have to save all your personal data before any reflash

anyway you will not update the whole os each days and some os part can be “live” updated

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If you’re just in for a nostalgia kick, then realistically you shouldn’t need to update your OS, as everything on there just works. Links Awakening (dx) is actually one of my favourite games, and works great! Also check out the Zelda Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons games. :wink:

The good news is, new versions of the OS don’t come around very often. In fact gosh, the latest version 0.4 was released July 9, or somewhere thereabouts! The previous version came out around January 27. So around a 6 month release period.

Most updates are community efforts, and tweaks that you can do yourself, if you’re brave. That will just involve using some commands in Linux, or transferring some files. That won’t inherently wipe your card. However if you make a mistake, sometimes things will get complicated and it ends up being faster to wipe your card.

The DEOT image here is something that I put together as an effort to install as many of the more difficult features as possible without bloating the system, while updating things that would take hours to compile. They’re all things you can do yourself if you have the patience. I have written instructions and provided links on how to do so in the first post of the page. Trying to scour the forums to find the right thing can be extremely daunting!

At least for the DEOT image, I can safely say that I won’t be doing any major updates until the main official image gets updates. From what I’ve come to understand, the next official update (maybe 0.5) won’t contain much more than what I’ve already applied to this custom image, mainly regarding installing the newer faster graphics drivers. Everything else just comes down to personal preferences.

So should I just use the OS that it comes with or update to the DEOS?
I might need a walkthrough via discord or something once I get my Gameshell. I assume the community OS updates better the battery life and performance of games? I’ve been looking into some PS1 games that I would love to play as well. Crash Bandicoot, GTA 2. Stuff like that. So I just wanted those to run really great on it without lagging or anything.

Also, do they plan on releasing hardware upgrades for the Gameshell? Bigger screen or battery? That would be really cool to buy upgraded parts for it and swap them out in the future.

The DEOT OS is basically the same as the 0.4 official one, just with a lot of updates already applied. You can do them yourself, but depending on how much you already know about coding etc, it can take a long time. Some elements take hours to build/compile.

In other words, use the custom DEOT image if you want to save some time, and have everything done for you. It will have better performance, and theoretically battery life, since it’s using the dedicated graphics processor instead of the CPU.

That said, it’s like buying the Millennium Falcon™ from Han Solo. It will have a lot of modifications, and goes fast, but unless you know how it all gets put together, it will be hard to make modifications to it yourself in the future.

I like to see the gameshell as an educational device that teaches people how to code, but some people just want a device that can play games and not have to worry about things.

There was talk touched on briefly re: a new screen being looked at. But this was just once a few months back.

I haven’t heard anything official re: a bigger battery, however there are threads here discussing modifying the internal battery case to support a larger capacity battery. Due to the size constraints, it can only hold a certain size.

That said, you can apparently substitute in a Nintendo 3DS battery. Just be careful on two fronts. First, you may find something that is ridiculously high capacity and ridiculously cheap. Chances are, if it’s too good to be true, it is.
Second, pay attention to the wiring of the CPI. There was some discussion re the polarities being reversed.

I haven’t modified the battery in my Gameshell myself, since I haven’t run into and downfalls re: battery life. Don’t fall into the trap of upgrading “just because.” That goes for a lot of things. “If it ain’t broke, then why fix it.”
That said, the very nature of the Gameshell and the slogan “Happy Hacking” certainly does encourage it!

Sorry for the very on the fence devil’s advocate response! Hopeful to this shed a bit of light of the potential and power the Gameshell has!! :slight_smile:


i’m sorry to say but just sell the thing and buy something else, that is if you just want to play. If you want to hack and troubleshot your way towards emulation (which other devices do out of the box) then you’re ok, just have some Zanax on the side just in case…

I personally prefer to use Xanax, over Zanax; that is if you want to treat any anxieties. But please get the opinion of a medical practitioner first, before self prescribing medication.

Seriously; joking about mental health and medication is not cool! There is absolutely no irony in my aforementioned statement. Don’t take unprescribed medication on the whim of a forum post, even if it may seemingly alleviate any stress or anxiety caused by one’s frustration.

Personally I have something else that causes me anxieties unless I can hyper fixate on something for an extended period. For this reason, I get a huge dopamine rush and a sense of achievement, making discoveries and helping others.

It’s fantastic seeing development happen, live and right before your eyes. It’s even greater to share such developments with others, allowing them to experience things as easily as possible.

That said, I highly value your input. :slight_smile: You are 100% entitled to your opinion, and I respect you for sharing it.
However, given the OP’s wife just ordered the Gameshell for Christmas, and they are yet to receive it, prematurely thinking of selling it off would be a bit offensive, at least among my circle of friends. The OP also seems to have an extremely open attitude towards contributing back to the community, so I think this device would be an extremely fulfilling experience.

Just so we don’t cross post too much and repeat what has already been said, there was a very similar thread following a similar school of thought here:

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I don’t think he was joking about mental health, although he wasn’t being helpful. I appreciate all your help man. I really do want to be proactive in the community and possibly learn a few things once my device gets here. I’m moving from Sicily back to the states and will have a month alone out here waiting to transfer back. I will probably be messing around with my Gameshell the whole time.

He’s right in I do want to primarily play games, which I hope you can help me out with when my device gets here, but I hope I pick up a few bits of coding and somewhat hack my device slightly to better fit my wants. It would be cool to see this device evolve and have upgradable hardware to make it more powerful, enlarge the screen and better the battery life.

I wouldn’t listen to anyone on what to do with my purchases. If I want another device, I’ll just buy it. I have somewhat expendable income due to my work and live comfortably. I’ll survive with a $70.00 purchase being not what I expected (I used Amex Platinum points I had laying around with Amazon).

Javelin, again, I’m sure you’re busy… but I hope I can ask you a few questions come time to set this thing up if need be.

I watch videos every night about the Gameshell and can’t wait to get it!

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So happy to see such a positive tone!
I’m more than happy to help out once it arrives! The hardest part in the forum is finding what you need, and making sure it is still current and valid.
Most people in the forum are all extremely helpful, so you should get a response from someone fairly quickly! :slight_smile:

Well thanks for the future and past help. So, it seems like playing N64 games on it is difficult. Have you had any experience with it?

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There was a thread mentioning how to set up and configure it to run nicely here.

The problem is, you need go know how to build files, and although there were included instructions, a lot of people had hit or miss success. It’s something I did try to help a few people with, but without know exactly what they were typing, and what their specific configurations were, there was only so much I could do to help.

It was actually one of the main reason I made the aforementioned custom DEOT custom image. So basically, to get it running it can be tricky for some. You’ll need install dependencies, alter a configuration file, and edit an action file. On top of that, it runs way better once you update the Lima/Mesa files/drivers, in particular a lot of graphical glitches get resolved.

Playing games on the gameshell isn’t difficult. They mostly run fairly well, with a few hit or miss exceptions. Putting together the files can be difficult, or rather difficult to find all the information.

The custom image is there as a shortcut with everything required to play mupen smoothly installed, but I still strongly encourage people to try putting it together themselves, learning how to do things in the process.

So say I flash the DEOT Custom OS image you created into my Gameshell, will it be difficult to upgrade to new newer OS in the future (Clockwork 1.0?)? And will I lose all the games I’ve put on it before and all game saves? I just want the most updated OS possible but also have a game library ready to rock without worrying about it getting wiped every time I update my OS. I know there aren’t a ton of OS updates, but it would still be frustrating.

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The current DEOT custom image won’t behave well with updating unfortunately, without a complete wipe.
The current 0.4 stock CAN be updated, and will no doubt be able to be updated up to 1.0. That said, I can’t predict how many changes will be made in the future. Who knows? There could be a complete overhaul that ends up making the current launcher totally obsolete. Development could randomly halt after 5 years.

For now, I’m going to try and do something similar with m next custom image re: being able to be updated with the 0.5 image that may be coming out soon as a base; that is to say, setup as many things as possible. I have been in communication with one of the devs, @guu re: hopefully trying to implement a few things in future official updates. Hopefully there won’t be a need for a custom image like mine later on down the track, but for now I’ve done as much as possible to make things as foolproof as possible for the average user.

There are still fairly advanced processes required to update the device that may be too much some.
I’ll try and at least get a pre patched image, with other added features included out as soon as possible.

For now try and get your hands on a few SD cards. Where I’m from (Australia), 16GB sd micro cards are as cheap as a cup of coffee. (That said, coffee in Western Australia is notoriously expensive! Haha)
That way you can test out different images, try your own upgrades, or just tinker with things without fear of losing your primary operating system and all its associates Roms.

I finally got my Gameshell and I’m having a ton of fun. One thing is I don’t know how to play Playstation games on it. I can’t find where to put the ROMS, which are .rar files? I hope that makes sense, as I may have it all jacked up. I tried searching the forums, but couldn’t really find much on the matter. Thanks again.

You need to expand the RAR files. On the Mac, download and install MacPAR deluxe. Once expanded, you can place the game files (bin+cue, mdf+mds, etc) into ‘Pcsx’ folder in the ‘games’ directory. You should be able to select the game after launching Pcsx.

I feel stupid because I’ve seen .rar files before. So I extracted them, put them in PCSX and they still aren’t showing up. Anything you think I’m missing?

Also, I’m finding there aren’t really enough buttons to play N64 games, but some I can make due. Is there any way to map the buttons for N64 games alone so that I can use some of the light bar buttons as C buttons? Any help on this would be awesome.

They need to be the right format, as @lasvegas mentioned. The newer operating systems should just display the game files in the list, and you should be able to launch them from there.
Some games require a bios file to run, but most at least boot up. This won’t affect whether or not they are visible.
Another thing to try; refreshing the page. Or possibly push left or right on the d-pad. You may have accidentally entered the favourites menu.

On the topic of the Mupen key binding, you will need to edit the mupen64plus.cfg file found in ~/.config/mupen/mupen64plus.cfg (from memory)
There will be a key bind section. Mapping of the keypad will use these corresponding letters, since it’s essentially a keyboard.

Hopefully this helps!

Hint: In most emulators, adding an alias text file with the same name as the game file(s) and the suffix ‘alias’ (IE: ‘pacman.alias’), containing only the name of the game (IE: ‘Pac Man’), will replace the filename in Launcher’s selection menu.

Any guide on how I would go about editing that file? Lol. Trying to learn!

Mount the ‘games’ folder on your computer and create text files for each game set.