Ohboy standalone build

a gb emulator

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Original GB only or also GBC?

of course, gbc can also

How can it be installed. I haven;t found any instructions. Sorry, I’m only learning how to use this beast(

There are several ways. What I did was download the zip file ( ohboy-standalone-build.zip ), unzip it and put the files on my GS. I then changed the file permissions so that they can be executed (“chmod +x” for both the emulator and the sh file). After that, you can either execute the sh file or use something like emulationstation or an action script to boot it.

Thanks, now I understand.
So, it need to be done manually, no auto install like put command through ssh?

Maybe there’s a more automated way, but I did it like that so that I could follow the steps and know what I was doing. :smiley:

I’m thinking a shell script to automate setting something like that up would be pretty simple to do, packed up in a folder of sorts

Hi, I am using OhBoy but yesterday I noticed that the sound is crazy fast and crackling…
Any idea? Its like that on GB and GBC. I used the zip, I did not compile…

I also used the compiled version, but just tested Link’s Awakening DX and the sound plays just fine.

So the game ran at normal speed, only the audio was sped up? I was thinking, maybe you activated fast forward somehow, I know there’s such a function in PCSX-Armed.

You are on which OS version?

I’m on OS 0.3. Maybe there was an update since the emulator was posted here?

I was on OS 0.4…
I just flashed 0.3 and will report back.

I confirm that after flashing OS 0.3, its all good.
OS 0.4 make me want to bash my head on my desk!

Seems like I’ll be staying on 0.3, then. ^^

I have it working fine but the palettes aren’t showing up, in the directory, even tho i have pal files there. idk why. Im unable to change palettes.