OK, I messed up somewhere

Need some help :confounded:
Been having a few issues lately so I decided to upgrade my memory card while I was at it and start over.

So, what I WANT TO DO is use standalone emulators (for PS1, SNES and GBA). I haven’t been happy with performance I was getting from RetroArch so this is my preferred method.

Previously I was running SNES and PS1 successfully (with PCSXR and PocketSNES) without issues, but never managed to get GBA running outside of RetroArch.

I’m just getting myself confused with making .sh files and action.config files and not sure where they’re supposed to be going. I’ve managed to get the icons on the homescreen opening and showing the ROM list, but it just crashes back to homescreen when I attempt to run it.

SO, what goes into ~/launcher/Menu/Gameshell/
and what goes into ~/apps/Menu/ ??

I’m just gonna re-do the memory card to stock and wait for someone to give me a walkthrough because I just don’t get it :confused:

This is for historical reasons
we have ~/launcher/Menu/GameShell/ and ~/apps/Menu, and they are the same, just store the Menu Items for launcher

I assume you are on os v0.4,right?

Users should just add their own menu items in ~/apps/Menu

and ~/launcher/Menu/GameShell/ is for the official launcher self, can be controlled by git

I’m still thinking about making a 0.3 image file that has all the standalone emulators already installed so that all you have to do is flash the image to your SD card, expand the image to the size of your SD card, and put emulators on it. Sadly, I don’t have time to do that right now. :frowning:

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auto expand root fs os v0.4 img, it will expand the partition to be full size of sdcard



Thanks for the link, but I’ll prefer staying on 0.3 for the time being.

Ok cool, so put everything I want into ~/apps/Menu/, ROMs continue to go into ~/games/[platform]/

Now when it comes to standalone emulators, what files actually do what?
I figure .sh files are “shortcuts” or something along those lines?
action.config are obviously some kind of configuration, but when do they need to be used?

sh files are used to execute the files (with optional parameters), action.config files do basically the same, but they also provide a way to select roms from a list.

Ok cool. Every move I make seems to give me different problems. Just now I tried to set my theme and it put me into permanent loading screen. Sometimes when I put emulators into folders or simply reload UI it hangs on the loading screen. What could I possibly be doing wrong?

if hanging on the loading screen, just run

cat /tmp/x.log

to see what’s the problem, I use this method to debug the launcher

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Re: stand-alone GBA emulator, you could possibly need the Bios in the correct location. I don’t recall whether or not there is one supplied, or if it’s in the correct path. I also don’t know which stand-alone emulator you are using. Either way, try putting it in one of these locations:


That’s assuming the emulator has specified a Bios directory.


That’s assuming the emulator needs the bios to be in the same directory.

Re: themes causing a hang, have you done any fiddling with the order of “home screen” items? Or renaming, adding/changing directories. The naming conventions of the files requires a number in front of each file name to determine a ranked hierarchy so to speak. Eg.,

cpi@clockworkpi:~/apps/Menu (master)$ ls '20_Retro Games' 51_TIC-80 60_Utils '21_Indie Games' 53_Love2D

If there is ever any double up of any of these numbers, things go awry.
This can also be to do with skins that are from a different version to a launcher release, what with Indi games being added, and shuffling around of new emulators, and items as the devs see fit.
For this reason, I always check my theme files manually to make sure there is never any overlap.

OK I’m back up and running. Everything working, with successful 32gb memory card format also!

I’m sure I’ll have other questions but for now, THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!

Just saw that you’re the same one who posted re: the foot bar icons. :slight_smile:
Did the problems re: booting happen after uploading the icons? I recall accidentally uploading my own custom icons for a theme with slightly incorrect formatting, and having my device hang on boot.
Could you possibly double check your footbar icons in your current build? And if it indeed is the problem, amend the aforementioned post ASAP before someone else uploads the files to their Gameshell! :slight_smile:

Yeah I triple checked everything for my theme, it wasn’t the footbar icons causing issues, I had a folder in there called wallpaper (idk where it came from) which was giving me grief.

Sorted now though

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