Order Status and Ship Times for Recent Orders

Can one trust the “Ships within 10 days” listed on the website?

I am a student and planning on using my GameShell for a school project and build a game for my Spring semester final project. I’m concerned that it might not come in time reading through this bulletin board. 10 days from order would be more than enough time.

I ordered Jan 9th and my order number is 11046.

Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I have no idea… I ordered my asap that they made the post on Instagram on the 4th of Nov…order nr #10010
I really hope that it comes by the end of January as I’m going on vacation on the 6th of February…I hope we’ll get an email soon with tracking nr, once we have that it should come in a week… Maybe… :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile:

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I wish I could give u some good news. Alot of us have been waiting since November (I’m one) and we have yet to even get a tracking notification. Sorry dude.