Padded Carrying Case

This is my case Imgur: The magic of the Internet


thanks, this looks perfect

I ordered one - before my uConsole has even arrived… sigh…

From where did you get this one?
Look absolutely amazing

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I posted a link to it a bit earlier in this thread Padded Carrying Case - #21 by PeterMount

I picked up the Alpaka Tech Case Max, which is a nice over the shoulder sling bag. The strap it came with was a bit small so I ordered a longer one.

The Peak Design Tech Pouch is a very similar size and form factor. Leash is not included.

And here are a couple more – similar ones to those ‘origami’ ones that are available on Amazon:

Tomtoc (I have this one – the uConsole slides easily into one of the larger pockets): (~$35)

Innatech: (~$30)

Happy with this USA Gear case:

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I have a great case … just no uConsole :confounded: :worried:

this is the best…
ダルトン(Dulton) PCケース パデッド エンベロープ バッグ ラップトップ 13インチ用 封筒 耐水 軽い 強度 高さ330mm 幅260mm Y925-1247LT13

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As mentioned in another thread, this hard case fits perfectly for the uConsole:

I’ve purchased one, and I can confirm it fits as well as the photos!


Sweet. I ended up buying one for myself.

Found another alternative available on german amazon with a little more space for sma connectors etc:

I didn’t try it since I’m waiting for mine but the inner dimensions are
200 x 150 x 55mm
compared to the uconsoles:
170 x 130 x 26mm

The foam insert seems to be removable, optionally fillable it with something like this:

Make sure to pick size L.

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Grabbed this same case, it arrived yesterday. uConsole fits like a glove.

Added a soft fabric bag with a zipper I had laying around in the mesh pouch to the other side with a slim charger, USB A to C cable, extra SD cards with USB adapter, and a spare slim 3000mAh power bank. Also added a pink packing foam sheet I cut to fit inside the uConsole’s screen bezel for protection against all the stuff im storing on the other side lol.

I got one of these. uConsole fits perfectly side-to-side with a bit of room on top or bottom for a USB-C cable and small charger.

MoKo 7-8 Inch Tablet Sleeve Bag, Polyester Pouch Cover Case Fits iPad Mini (6th Gen) 8.3" 2021, iPad Mini 5/4/3/2/1, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0, Tab A 8.0, ZenPad Z8s 7.9, Space Gray

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I LOVE this! Too bad they do not send to the USA.

Snug like a bug in a rug

For now im just gonna use an old laptop case/bag till i get stuff that would work with the uconsole then probably get one of the multi pockets bags/cases

I got you buddy: