Padded Carrying Case

This is my case Imgur: The magic of the Internet


thanks, this looks perfect

I ordered one - before my uConsole has even arrived… sigh…

From where did you get this one?
Look absolutely amazing

I posted a link to it a bit earlier in this thread Padded Carrying Case - #21 by PeterMount

I picked up the Alpaka Tech Case Max, which is a nice over the shoulder sling bag. The strap it came with was a bit small so I ordered a longer one.

The Peak Design Tech Pouch is a very similar size and form factor. Leash is not included.

And here are a couple more – similar ones to those ‘origami’ ones that are available on Amazon:

Tomtoc (I have this one – the uConsole slides easily into one of the larger pockets): (~$35)

Innatech: (~$30)