Permanently disable wifi?

Hello, I am interested in the GameShell and have read that the main board includes onboard wifi. I would like to know if it is possible to permanently disable the wifi hardware through removal of a chip or board similar to a standard laptop. Thank you in advance for your help!

There is airplane mode but also as its a linux device you can remove the module so the wifi won´t work, no need to hardware remove the wifi chip.

Thank you for the reply. I actually need a hardware-based solution rather than a software one, so do you know if it is possible to physically remove the chip?

Out of curiosity, what for?

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You can unsolder the ap6212 i guess

But there is really no need to, if you dont load the drivers its like a hardware removal.

Like if you dont put an SD card, nothing will work.

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Okay, that answers my questions, thank you all for your time.

I could be wrong but sometimes the wifi and Bluetooth are on the same physical chip.
That said, if you’re wanting to remove all wireless protocols for some reason, that’s probably exactly what you’d want to do.

A gameshell without wifi would be very interesting. Godspeed on whatever you have in mind!

That would be very interesting and old school, and probably you should consider tape device rather than TF card (lol)

Well here it is not “sometimes” it is in the same chip.

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Whoops! Vernacular error! I meant, sometimes devices will use an onboard chip that has both wifi and Bluetooth simultaneously; while some others have it discreet!

I hadn’t checked up on the CPI hardware. Thanks for the confirmation. Which brings the fact that physically removing the wireless chip would indeed remove both wifi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Tape device gameshell!! That would be retro as all hell! Ha or a minidisc read only game cartridge slot. That would be cute!


Tape is way too recent, punch card is better! :wink:


Sometimes people get crazy, look at this Atari 2600 Junior. I think there is no retro more than it. lol

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Is this “ap6212” GameShell wifi hardware? It seems to have an FM receiver in it. Is it possible to have an FM radio app on GS?

Last time I checked, I think I saw that the pins for the radio weren’t connected. But I am not sure right now.

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No it is not possible. The Radio part is not connected to anything

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Oh no! It is such a shame. I think an FM Radio is a pretty cool feature to have on GS for the next hardware release. :slight_smile:

I hope the guy will answer you, I’m also curious to know why!? :thinking:

I’m guessing it might be work related. There are some government jobs and other IT jobs that are at secure sites that prevent any sort of wireless devices from coming in or out to maintain security. That said, I’d imagine the Gameshell would still be a problem in such places because it could act as a storage device anyway, via USB.

I’m curious too!

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