Petitions/votes for ideas

what if we could have petitions or votes to get ideas straight to the team at clockwork? let’s say that i wanted to get a silver/chrome front plate in a molded plastic like the original so it’s stronger and looks more official than a 3d printed one. i can post a petition on here and people can vote if they want it or not, and if it succeeds it will get sent to the team at clockwork and they can make and sell that, and if it doesn’t, i can try some other way to make one myself.

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That would be an excellent idea! The first thing to do would be to get those in the know on board with this. Any kind of community to developer to manufacturer communication would be great! Even having some kind of competition or game jam where a new colour or plating gets released based on the winner’s choice could be encouraging for community activity.

Besides emailing directly, from what I know. @Veronica , @yong and @hal are the ones to get in contact with regarding anything official. There are also mods such as @Petrakis, @Godzil and possibly others, but they’re the ones who I have personally seen as the most active. They can possibly get your idea to those in power faster.

As for a chrome edition, I’m sure it can be done well! I’ve recently bought a Gundam Phenex RG gold plated kit, and besides being a real finger print magnet, the plating is actually really nice! It could get scratched mind you.

It would also be a lot more expensive to produce, so might need to be a limited batch release. If there are enough people who are willing to buy it, and pledge to do so, I’m not sure why it would be a problem.

If need be, we could even come together as a community and do a mass order of custom elite colours and have them printed by a professional 3D printing firm. Although nothing really beats an injection moulded case, complete with fancy decals and what not.

I have wanted something like this for a very long time! Even if they re-released the Kickstarter custom back transparent colours, I would buy that in a heartbeat!

It’s getting me nostalgic for my old gold Nintendo accessories. Funnily enough, each of them has a different gold finish. My preferred one would be the one on the new 3DS XL Zelda edition.

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Thank you! I will contact them soon about this. The game jam idea is cool to, since lots more people are home now we should have a lot of contestants and some high quality designs and games. Also, if they don’t re-release the kickstarter back colors, you can make a silicon mold with the standard back and get some colored plastic resin and make your own!
And I also found out how to 3d print custom holographic patterns on the bottom of your prints by marking small enough cuts in the model that the slicer would recognize but would not be too big to interfere with anything, and then setting the bottom layer to concentric. Devin from make anything did a cool prints video on it if you would like to check it out: It’s somewhere in that video.

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The original point I was trying to make was to add a vote function to the website, just to clear it up if anyone that gets confused

But that already exists:

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Oh I didn’t see that. Thank you