Pico-8, how can I get a free download

How can I get a free download of the raspberry pi version of Pico-8.

you need to buy a license for PICO-8, so no free versions unfortunately

Keep an eye out for Humble Bundle packs that sometimes include it. If you’re getting other stuff anyway, it’s basically free. Sometimes you can get a “pay what you want” bundle, in which case you can maybe get it for a few dollars.

Otherwise, it’s only $10. In Australia a cup of coffee and a muffin costs this much. It’s not that much, and if you feel that you’re actually going to use it, it’s not that bad.
It’s a small time indie development scene, with a supportive community. I doubt very much that anyone would be willing to assist you with acquiring it by any shady means.

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Very +1 for this reply. I also got my license from a very old humble bundle though (and realized it when starting to use Gameshell, heh).

After some fumbling with it on the Gameshell and also some first steps in programming for it, I can wholeheartedly recommend paying the price and supporting the team behind it.

It’s a small indie studio, their product is awesome and they deserve the support.

Maybe they also do on-site sales for holidays or something, I don’t know. But could be another chance.

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I would pay but with a Gameshell it would be very expensive.

If you don’t want go pay money (it’s 5% the cost of a game shell), you can try this alternative. It’s free.

Thanks @javelinface :grinning:

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