Pico-8 Help cant figure it out

so I bought pico and am on the newest launcher but no matter what files I put into the pico games folder it says I have to buy still what did I miss I searched the forum but still having no luck

Go to the games folder, and look for pico-8, then place the zip file there

I did that and still get nothing just says I have to buy it and place it there.

pico-8_0.1.12c2_raspi this is the right file?

Do you have a pico-8 zip file?

If you do place it in the, home/cpi/games/PICO-8

That’s how I did it, I’m on os 4

That’s the zip I downloaded from them I put it in and nothing happens :smiley:

This is what I used to install

Thanks Ill watch this :smile:

Ahhh had to change the zip file name got it thanks a ton bro!

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Are you on GameShell OS .03? I didn’t have to do any renaming in .04