Pico-8 / Voxatron Licence Question

I’ve been looking into getting the Pico-8 licence for when my GS decides to turn up and when I’ve been on the website it says they have another machine called Voxatron which I can get for an additional $5 if I buy it along with Pico-8 just now. Has anyone had any experience with Voxatron? I’m not expecting it to work on the GS but it looks cool and I feel like I want to give it a shot but want to know if it’s worth it?

Also how is creating games for Voxatron?

Voxatron is in constant changes, and Zep is integrating part of PICO-8 in it.

Voxatron does not have at the moment an ARM build, but will probably change in the future

But to be honest, discussing about it on Lexaloffle BBS is probably going to give you way better answer than here

The devmap give a couple of informations too: https://www.lexaloffle.com/voxatron.php?page=dev

I purchased it because I was also impressed and thought Zep more than deserves it. I haven’t used it since as it does not work on mobile devices which is where I do my retro programming.

Zep have clearly stated that making it to work on the Raspberry Pi is in his todolist, but voxatron is, even if being older than PICO-8, in a too early stage for working on that.

(And I don’t think he was thinking that PICO-8 would be so popular!)

I’m not necessarily looking for it to work on mobile devices but if it will eventually then that’s cool! I never realised there was a forum on there so I’m heading over. Thanks for the link. I think I probably will just go for it as it looks good fun and for a couple of £ extra it’s a bargain if it’s being sold for more separately when it’s completed. Cheers dudes.

For 5 yeah I would not hesitate for sure!

For people who use Humble Bundle service a lot, make sure you don’t already own Voxatron and PICO-8 (if you own Voxatron you own PICO-8)

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