Please stop using DHL or similar shipping services

The amount of custom fees we have to pay in some cases are equal a new clockwork pi.

Sorry to hear about your experiences with Customs. Clockworkpi changed to DHL/Fedex due to their experience with PostNL on the Kickstarter/Indiegogo shipments. The parcels shipped then, were held by PostNL due to misunderstandings on the packaging of the battery, causing massive delays and removal of the battery from the package besides packages being lost. Although unfortunate, customs duties can be an issue based on the country you live in and treaties with China; there usually is a “tax-free” limit on the amount in your local currency you can freely import. Marking a box as a gift, for something you paid for, can be considered fraud and depending on local legislation a fine or destruction of the package. Again, I feel for you, but this is not a fault of Clockwork.

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Man, this has nothing to do with DHL. It would be the same thing with FedEx or any other courier.
They are collecting the customs fee as a courtesy to you to save you the inconvenience, time and effort to collect your package from the customs office.
The money is passed on to the state to you know pay for your school and stuff.
Whenever you bought things in a store you have paid this tax.

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DHL charged 15€ in addition to the 40€ customs for handling the customs though. Would have been great if DHL warned me and offered me to just take care of the customs myself.

Yeah that sucks. Used to be a free service.

I received mine today and had to pay ~50 € in customs. Not cool, but since I got the early discount by more or less the same it balances out. I think the main problem was that it was declared as “Console”. I think they should declare it as electronics or something like that, which is not a lie after all.

I’m extremely happy with the GameShell. I love it! I can’t wait to start developing something in it. Thank you for making this.

you can declare it as electronic parts instead of Console. They are parts after all. An alternative would be to sell the parts in cheaper and smaller bundles so as to avoid custom fees. I’m sure that most of us will pay the extra shipping costs so as to avoid the extremely overpriced custom fees. The tax free limit in my country is 150e …it’s very near the clockwork pi price including shipping. I’d be paying 0 fees if I’d received 2 packages instead of one. I’m sure there are solutions you just need to think and make them happen.

i’m currently sitting on a 320$ clockwork pi… i hope it becomes collectible at some point (NOT)

I am pretty happy about FedEx for the delivery, I got charged for £35 for custom duty, but that is charged by the government, not FedEx, neither clockwork.

From what I understand FedEx/DHL was only following rules or regulations of your own country, if you think the rules or regulations are unreasonable then blame it to the one who made those regulations, not to somebody who is doing honest business and following the countries regulations. It is unfair to honest business and its people.

There are shipping services who take cover for you items, but I believe that is at the cost of reliability and trustworthy.

Yeah Clockwork are not to blame in any case, but with the kind of product they’re shipping maybe they could declare them as something else like “electronic components”, which would be a perfectly legitimate way to maybe avoid some customs for some people.

DHL sent the package to the wrong address btw. You gave them or they put the wrong postal code. Obviously it’s not your fault again.