You send it to the wrong post code

I paid DHL almost 120$ (shipping&customs) for this. Yet they (or you) sent it to the wrong post code. As I said to another post i’ve made stay away from DHL. I have also sent you an email in order to return my order , noone replied. This is a shitty customer experience from my end. I overpaid the gameshell and still you sent it to the wrong address.

I’m sorry for your experience.
We don’t have too many choices when it comes to international express shipping. Customs charges and fees are also beyond our control, please PM me or email at

well mine is stuck at my country’s customs where the customs are refusing it to give it to me because of wrong receiver name… @yong told me that they would contact HK shipping company… but nothing is heard from anyone even though 2days past.
already waited long time just for it to get shipped… but this is more shitty because this wasn’t expected at all…