Bad news regarding shipment

So, I ordered this a while ago, on the 10th of November, and finally got the package delivered today. I haven’t started or opened anything yet, but I just wanted to stress out the fact that, since this came from Hong Kong (which I absolutely wasn’t aware of), I have to pay almost 50€ of custom duties for it. I know that it isn’t really up to the manufacturer or sellers, but I still think that it’s harsh not to have it shipped as a gift, at least. Paying an additional third of the price is a really, really bad surprise.


This isn’t bad news. Sorry man but it’s up to you to find out where it ships from and also to pay customs and duties should they arise. Even if they had declared it as a gift it’s illegal for you not to pay customs and tax on the items imported where customs and tax are due - this is your responsibility. It’s an excellent handheld so I’d just move on from it and enjoy it.

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Well, this is bad news for me, regardless of whether or not it was to be expected. I will still surely enjoy it though, but my student wallet isn’t very pleased with it. At any rate, at least I learnt to be more careful, and I’ll spend way too much time tinkering with it anyways, since it looks so awesome.


Quit EU so your country can has its own bilateral agreement with China for lower import duty, then problem solved.

Same for me, my mother texted me saying that a messenger came to our home (I’m at the office) trying to deliver a package and asking for 46,22 euros in custom duties. She rejected the package and asked me what it was. I thought that, since I already paid 38,50 US dollars (35,29 euros) for the delivery, I would not have to pay any custom duties, but I guess I was wrong.

This should be have been warned to the customers prior to the purchase of the product since it increases the final cost of the device by a not inconsiderable 25%. So many inconveniences when you have better alternatives with better emulation capabilities for less money, even if they are not modular or based on pure Linux (for example the GPD XD2).

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lol i have to pay 130$+ custom fees …you’re good man. The clockwork pi team needs to send this using other postal services, avoid DHL at all costs.

I have payed 197$ for the GS and shipping… I had it deliver to a DHL-box close by as I could have missed the delivery due to work. It seames… (I hope) I’ve managed to skip custum fees this time… Before I’ve always gotten sms regarding this but at least until now nothing :crossed_fingers:

Please check your tracking number. DHL refused to deliver my package to a DHL Box as customs had to be paid and I had to call them to change the destination to an address.

It’s true that seeing the price go up by a whole third isn’t the best of news… I really feel like they at least could have told us about the fact that it was possible to have such high custom duties.

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So this morning I got a sms from DHL and have topay another 60$ for customs …damn it! So total over 250$

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Same for me, only to discover that I f****-up one of the many small plastic parts between the little shoulder buttons, that there are not any replacements in the box and that Clockwork does not sell separate parts in case you accidentaly broke one of the many weak plastic things that come in the box.

So I’m stuck with a semi-‘faulty’ device due to my incompetence and the lack of interest from the company from selling separate buttons, plastics and components. And I’m totally not buying the whole thing again.

When I finish assembling the handheld at home and I make sure it works and buttons feel right and sturdy, I will conclude if it was worth the money. For the moment it’s a rotund no-no.

I almost did the same, breaking plastic even though I had a thing to cut them with. But seriously, they should be able to sendyou a spare part if you email them.

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If you contact them they should be able to help you. They’ve been awesome to the rest of us. Only thing is that it’s Chinese New Year so there’s no postage until at least the 16th Feb.

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