Porting Classic Roguelikes to the Gameshell?

Is or would it be possible to port/play classic roguelikes (like Angband, Nethack, ADOM, etc) to the Gameshell?

Never heard of these games before.

Nevertheless, I can confirm Angband runs on the GameShell:

But have to figure out how to scale it to the GameShell screen:

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what should i do to get it installed?

off course, some must be directly in bare debian repo
problem will be lack of buttons :slight_smile:
try execute them using xterm
xterm -e “a command line game”

you could also try my powder port

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Yeah, @r043v is right. The easiest way to install is to sudo apt install angband and run angband, but the scale is off.

Maybe you can somehow fix it in /home/cpi/.angband/Angband/x11-settings.prf.

some games may also adapt their display using the screen size in lines & columns
xterm also have bunch of option to define font / font size / lines & columns / background color


here is a list of rogue like on debian > https://blends.debian.org/games/tasks/rogue