RPG Maker Games

Hello Community. It’ll be a great little device that we’re eagerly waiting for to arrive. :slight_smile:

A perfect match for the Gameshells form factor and screen resolution could be RPG Maker games in my opinion. I have absolutely no programming skills or experience. Will it even be possible to port games like “Ib” or “The crooked man” to this device? If yes, is anybody planning on doing so?

I already did some googling regarding Raspberry ports. All I found were hints at it being somehow possible to export these games in HTML and then playing them in a browser. This didn’t really satisfy me. :wink:


Due to the export paths of RPG Maker, unless if you go with the XP version and add some wrappers, you’d be better off with Open RPG Maker and compile it from source (your mileage may vary).


Thanks for your insight, aewens. I didn’t even know that Open RPG Maker existed. I’ll have a look into it.

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No problem, a friend of mine was into RPG Maker for a time, most of it was for Windows and the new stuff is for x86 systems as far as I can tell, and the forum for the Open version shows it working on ARM so this should work on the GameShell (I haven’t tested this yet, though, so don’t hold me to that).

The tool to be use is MKXP:

Can be used with RPGMaker XP and VX / VXace.

This should be straighforward to make it running on the GameShell. Only issue, the game need to be playable using only a standard gamepad (with no R+L button)

MKXP is the tool that has been used to port “To the Moon” to Mac OS X and x86 Linux (and other ARM linux platforms)

(edit: and of course the one pointed by @aewens is in case you use one of the older version of RPG Maker, there is no known version yet for RPG Maker MV, but at the same time the export function of it seems to not be only for Windows, not sure for ARM Linux though.)


Thanks for sharing. This looks really promising. :slight_smile:

Did anybody here actually get this to work?