Possibility to use iPhone/Android as keyboard

Would it be possible to connect to an iPhone or Android device via bluetooth, to use it as keyboard and mouse?
I wonder if there is already existing app for this, since Steam has a Steam Link app to use your mobile phone as a controller.

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Well I found this Serverless Bluetooth Keyboard but I failed to connect gameshell with my Mi phone

I am looking for the same as you. However, I can only find what I need on the receiver side. If you find something else good, please let me know!

Would using a VNC client work? Check out this thread for setting up VNC on the GameShell, there are VNC clients for both iOS and Android. Hope this helps!

oh my… wait, my real itch is actually somehow input remotely from another device.
Thank you so much!

I tried the solution, but it seems gameshell was not powerful enough to recieve input in realtime. I mean, 2s - 30s lag…
Anyway, I am trying from my logitech K480