[info] Access your GS launcher GUI on PC using x11vnc

  1. login to your GS using ssh
  2. sudo apt-get install x11vnc
  3. x11vnc -noipv6 -noshm

Then on PC, download VNC viewer at

File-> new connection
Then enter your IP:0, e.g., connect!


Not sure if really needed, but fun to do :slight_smile:

probably useful when debugging new UI app remotely :yum:

Here’s a usefeul script to drop into ~/apps/launcher/Gameshell/Menu

APP_ID=$(ps -C x11vnc --no-header --format 'pid')
if [ -n "${APP_ID}" ]; then
  echo "Stopping instance $APP_ID"
  kill "${APP_ID}"
x11vnc -noipv6 -noshm &

it starts VNC if it’s not started, stops it if it is


Man, using a debian based OS gives us access to so many cool tools right out of the gate.

I wonder if Tight VNC would be more performant on this platform?

I am connecting from Mac, here’s my successful command
x11vnc -noipv6 -noshm -display :0 -noxrecord -noxfixes -noxdamage -forever -passwd 'cpi'

How might I use the windowed desktop through VNC? I want access to the desktop you get when you connect a second display with HDMI.

Can not install x11VNC, how to fix it?:thinking:

do a sudo apt-get update before

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sudo apt-get update --allow-releaseinfo-change

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THat’s Cool. I hope you enjoyed gamesell.

Hi team, so I am trying to install x11vnc as per the below. All seems to go well however trying to execute x11vnc over SSH and the games he’ll reports command not found. I tried all the options below but no success. Any ideas please?


Reporting 404 Not Found IP 80

On all accesses to required files