Possible Coupon Code

I’ve been, waiting, watching and hoping they might put out a coupon code of any sorts.

I’m on the edge of ordering a uConsole CM4 with 4G, but didn’t realize the price was going to nearly double.

Although I know a lot of other sites do a 10%/15% off code for just signing up for their newsletter.

Yet I can’t honestly say when the last ClockworkPi coupon code was.

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Has the price gone up? Looks the same to me…

It was $189.00 for the RPI-CM4 in November of 2022 when I made my order, and still is. I don’t remember what the 4G version was then, but looks like it is $239.00 now, which sounds about right as I vaguely remember it being about $50 more, which for me was too much for the 4G module which I’d probably never use.


Advertised at $189, then when you select WiFi + 4g/lte jumps to $239 then when you go to checkout and consider shipping jumps again to $269.

Yes nearly a year ago and not even a promotional price drop, a few small revisions though, with retropi and everything else.

I’m just a keyboard enthusiast who’s been using Android for the past 12 years, and really am keen on becoming a early adapter to mobile Linux, sailfishos and other alternatives.

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$189 is the cheapest offer, if you add the 4G modem, it obviously becomes more expensive.
And 30 - 40$ shipping costs from China are not exaggerated imho.


Oh yah I get that!

I mean I’ve had all 3 Unihertz Titan’s, the f(X)tec Pro1-x, Astro Slide 5G, not to mention the KeyOne/Two.

Currently still have the Titan Slim, Pinephone Pro with Keyboard and Astro Slide 5G, but like the Slim and PPP most of all, just don’t care for landscape keyboards anymore.

I’ve always shopped looking for a bargain, that’s why I was shooting for a coupon code. haha

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It’s a 7 person company that can’t keep up with demand now. Pretty sure they don’t want/need the influx of orders a coupon would create.


Yah, I went ahead and ordered it.

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How do you like the Titan’s? I have a SOnim XP8… waiting for something in 5G… XP10… ($900 USD)…

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Unihertz is great given that there’s a few bugs, but they’re another small company.

Reliable and durable device, I have a Titan Pocket that has a swollen battery that will heat up and expand, the backplate is loose and the battery pushes it up, and the screen has a spiderweb crack. But that damn little thing is a trooper and still powers on and holds up a charge even! LMAO

I just wished that they’d start using more updated hardware.

Plus I wished they’d also rollout android updates, but so far it’s always security patches.

Only thing now it seems is I’ll have to adapt to a keyboard the size of the OG Titan Rugged keyboard (5 inches or so) again.

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The Sonim XP8 has a user replaceable battery - I had one swell up - I replaced it … I’m now on battery #3… that’s why I lean toward the XP10 or the Samsung phone with replaceable batter… don’t want to not be able to replace them easily…

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Most people here still have not received their unit. Can you imagine the outrage that would happen if new orders were given a sale price? You won’t see a sale at least until they are caught up on pre-orders. And probably quite a while after. Has the devterm ever lowered price?

Edit: Looks like press at the devterm’s announcement reported the price that it’s still currently is at.

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But in all honesty who has received their units within 90 days?

I’ve read of some users not receiving it after the 90 days.

This is another reason why I was asking for a price discount, if they can’t or don’t fulfill it in said time, then why are we still paying for said requested price?

It’s the same as indiegogo or kickstarter and people funding the development of “said” phones, sure some don’t get a product at all or the greater majority even in a worst case scenario, although if it were that type of a risk the company should make it blatantly clear and obvious.

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They’ve delivered devices in the past, and they have been worth it. I ordered in November of 2022 and I doubt my uConsole will be arriving any time soon. It might arrive after a year from the order date, but I’m guessing it will arrive this year for sure. It will definitely not arrive in 90 days. :wink: But, I ordered it, knowing that 90 days was unlikely, given the state of the world, and I’m willing to wait.


It was the thread in Uncategorized “Wen ship? ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Sandbox

That threw me off.

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