Power consumption speed > charging speed



I am not sure it is ONLY on me or not :

Even play with cave story, the charging speed cannot catch up with the power consumption.

thus the device runs OUT of Power eventually. :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:


How many amps does your charger have?


Charging with gameshell powered OFF, 0.86A

Charging with gameshell powered ON, 0.28A


:anguished:Weird, it draws more when powered off, it should be the opposite


Not necessarily, probably mean that the charger is not properly configured when on…

Once I have a battery I will check on my side


Use the 5V plug that came with my Pi.

No issues here


While using power bank for charging in gaming marathon,
(I am using a power bank made by QuanHan, type: PD1002, supports 5V 2.4A , 2.0A charging )
I think most of us will encounter this kind of problem if my case is not a minority report .


I tested out gaming for about 3 hours last night.

Plugged in a completely dead unit, and started to play.

The unit fully charged during use.


Thats a good charger


It’s the 5v one that came with my RPi


I have confirmed that this is a defect in the mainboard of game shell by switch to a new mainboard without this problem now.


The way QC works is that it will charge fastest from low power until around 70-80% and then slow down A LOT to help preserve the battery. That is why you saw a high wattage and then when you got into the 80’s you saw a very low wattage.
QC is mainly for you to get 40-50% of battery power in a relative short amount of time when your battery is low.

calculate percentage