Pre-order price vs. final price any different?

Hey everybody, I’m interested in the uConsole for small work with sensor nodes & maybe some SDR, in cases when I can’t / don’t bring my laptop with me.

Just wondering whether the current price is going to change once the uConsoles start getting delivered.
Sometimes pre-order price is a bit lower than the final price, since you need to wait and there’s risk involved (that the product won’t be delivered). Maybe someone could share their experience with other ClockworkPi products and whether those got a price bump once they were available for regular order.

Thanks in advance!


Prices generally do not change unless they are affected by the supply chain. As far as I know, it seems that the pre-order and official delivery prices should be the same.

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i guess the only different is you can get it faster…than normal?
about the price,no idea ,the price of the chip is increasing,no one know what will happened in the future…

Okay, thanks :slight_smile: I ordered it with 4G module and Raspi; let’s see if they can actually source CM4’s :smiley: I can’t find them locally for sure…
Hopefully that won’t delay my shipment. Looking forward to the device!