I would like to purchase a second-hand Uconsole.

Due to the incredibly slow shipping speed, I had to refund as it was unbearable. However, I really adore its aesthetic appeal, so I’m eagerly hoping to acquire one. Perhaps the fastest way might be to purchase a second-hand unit.

I’m looking for one that can be shipped to China, specifically the Raspberry Pi CM4 104000 lite+4g model.

Additionally, the company clockworkpi is based in China, and I have found the contact information for the person in charge. Is it possible to contact them directly to make a purchase? If they have a second-hand one that can be shipped quickly, that would also be acceptable.:full_moon_with_face:

So, you cancelled your order, and now you want to circumvent the queue in order to get one quicker? Or you’d like to purchase a second hand unit from the extremely limited numbers of shipped units?

But, anything is possible, that said I’m going to go with its highly unlikely you’re going to get a unit any quicker than if you had kept your preorder.


I have already purchased a brand-new, unopened unit, which will be delivered to me by express delivery tomorrow. I am really looking forward to assembling it. The only thing that annoys me is that I probably paid an extra 80 dollars, and the black color I wanted was not available.

Somebody has to feed the scalpers I guess.