Progress on gameshell

Hey loving the forum and the back to back updates on the item and glad to invest in it. I was wondering how is the progress so far?

Thanks for letting me be a member and invest in this amazing product

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The last official statement one February 6th was “For backers who finished the survey before and on February, 1st, 2018, your shipping info was sent to our shipping forwarder to arrange your shipment,” and the last unofficial update from the Clockwork staff on February 17th was that given the Chinese New Year celebrations the manufacturing progress will be delayed until the first week of March (since these are being made in China). Until then, don’t expect any major updates.


I was wondering about that. Thanks! But does that mean theyll start shipping on the 1st week of march? Or we’ll actually get them by the 1st week of march?

I don’t think they’ll be arriving or even getting shipped on the first week of March. The above states that manufacturing will continue in March.

Clockwork still seem to be aiming for an April delivery.


To make it clear, the above was responding to GoldenAgeNerd, not aewens.

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This is correct, we’ll be getting our GameShells in April.


Ok thank you but is there a way to get the email again about that? My email has been pretty damn bad as of late lol

If you’re a backer of the product, you get the updates I mentioned from here. I personally just check every couple of days to see what is there, so I’m not entirely certain how to get emails for this (I know somewhere in my inbox they are there because I’ve seen them before, but I got them by consequence of backing the product, not because I manually opted in).


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Thanks for the link! Oh I’m so excited about getting a new toy. Progress looks good. Thanks for the link @aewens.

“shipping in April” does not mean “delivered in April”

One of the recent answer of @yong seems to say that we should expect an update soon.

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Yeah, I forgot that in their last update they commented, “we now are collecting your shipping info, and we’ll plan to ship the first batch estimated in April, and we sent the shipping info to shipping forwarder in advance to arrange the shipping plan, so when our products are available to send, then we’ll ship as fast as we can,” I was still going off the original estimated delivery from when the campaign ended listing that it’d be delivered Apirl 2018.

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@Godzil The team in China is back to work now. They are working on the OS based on Debian armhf 9.
There’s some system information and main benchmark testing result released on twitter.


Am I understanding that the OS is not finished yet?

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Looks great! I appreciate this evidence that the calculable progress has completed the appropriate quantity of socially necessary labor for the estimated shipping date!

@TrapaPie @aewens Thanks! The OS is closing in the final stage, while manufacturing are taking places in Shenzhen at its own pace as factory workers are yet to be migrated back until the beginning of March.
Estimating the delivery date is hard, but I think we are still on track for the April shipment.

PS. The OS was actually already finished, but the team was unhappy with the old 3.4 kernel, and as shown in above image, it is now working with the 4.14 kernel.


Good to hear, glad things we coming along as planned!

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I tried to resend the invitation to my email, but im getting a lot of emails so i can do the survey if possible. but no dice, will there be a resend of the invitation for the survey? or is it too late and i have to pledge again?

Your two options at this point are requesting a new invite here (there will be about a 10 minute delay for the email to show up) or requesting a support ticket here.

Also, word of advice, if your email is too cluttered to single out expected emails, you may want to look into making a second email for these purposes (Gmail is free and you can make as many as you’d like). Don’t let your inbox rule your life.

I didn’t do the survey as I found out when it was too late. Does that still mean I’m going to get the gameshell?