Progress on gameshell

I think you’ll have to wait for the next production run, perhaps a month or two longer, details pending.

Probably after the first batch (aka the one who already answered) but before public release/preorders

Seeing as you backed the project, you’ll want to go the route of submitting a ticket to them using this link if you were unable to request a new invite to the pledge manager. You will certainly still get your GameShell, but be sure to send in the support ticket sooner rather than later.

I’ve used the link and thank you. It’s just I didn’t get any notification saying about it :frowning:

It’s Just, for I got my notification from a friend. @aewens is quite the expert!

Take a look through the spam folder of your email, it may be there (another thing to always check if you’re expecting an email and haven’t received it). If it’s not there, if your email client has a search by, search “gameshell” and it might be there and got lost in the clutter. Lastly, if you’re like me and have multiple emails, double-check the email assigned to Kickstarter is the same one you were checking.

Nothing is in there. Just a load of crap. Nothing to do with GameShell. I used indiegogo to back it. That’s how I heard about it. :thinking:


If that helps?

Aww, that’s likely why. Most of us here backed through Kickstarter, I believe Indiegogo happened after the fact.

Hey, @yong, are the Indiegogo even queued up for the surveys yet / shipping with the first batch?

I don’t know :frowning: I hope I don’t miss out :frowning:

I did it 7x and i have not gotten an invitation to do the survey, even scanned through the spam, promotional email, etc. haven’t seen anything lol

Yeah, I’m fairly certain the invites got disabled after the surveys finished, so the support ticket with GameShell is the only real option left.

Indiegogo backers do not need survey.
Any Kickstarter backers who did not receive survey email please either use the link mentioned above, or contact us directly here. Thanks! @aewens

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@yong Is the team in China close to releasing a Virtual Machine image of the OS yet? From the pictures it looks like the Debian OS is progressing well.

April is quickly approaching and it might be nice to get started on porting apps or writing new ones in preparation for the launch.

Keep up the good work

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That’s linux, everything you can build to run under linux will work on it. Why would you need something special ?
Go and get a raspberry Pi if you need an ARM based linux device to test, but basically everything running on an ARM linux device will run on it, the gameshell on the software point of view have nothing special.

It’s been implied in some measure that there will be software / something custom in the Clockwork OS that we can make sure of. If this is not the case, oh well, do whatever works for you, but if there is this would be what you’d want to develop with in mind to get the best experience on the GameShell with your game / application.

Ok they may have a launcher, but you probably don’t start to work on a project by the launcher integration don’t you think? :smiley:

If you’re porting a game that already runs in ARM Linux, the launcher is about the only thing you need to consider for putting in on the GameShell.

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Sure sure, but what I try to say from the beginning, is that we should not expect a special SDK for the GameShell, it will be a standard Linux platform (with a potential launcher) so any SDL/PyGame/Whatever that run under standard (ARM) linux will run on it, integration with the launcher should be probably just one file to add (like the .desktop file used by most desktop UI for app menus)

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Which is fine and likely true, but if the GameShell is expected to be in my hands a month from now and potentially shipping soon, there should be an available ISO of Clockwork OS, of which I’d also appreciate having beforehand as well, if possible.