PSA: Test your DevTerm screen before mounting

Ok, so. I see multiple people who have issue with the screen after mounting their DevTerm.

Considering how you have to mount the screen you can break it while mounting, but there is also a chance your screen is dead on arrival (low chance but that happen)

So for everyone who is waiting for their DevTerm, or haven’t assembled it yet, do these steps first:

  • Insert the SoM (the CM3, A06, A04) module in the mainboard
  • Insert the SD card in the corresponding slot
  • then connect the screen (check the flex orientation)
  • and the battery compartment

Once all is done, power up the device and check that the screen is working.

Once you’ve done that you can start to build your DevTerm.

Now why doing that first? Simple.

If the screen work before mounting, you broke it during the mounting process, and CPi need to be aware of that, it mean mounting the screen is too difficult as this should not happen

If the screen didn’t worked before mounting, it mean it was dead on arrival and CPi need to check with their supplier because this is not normal considering the number of report of dead screen.

So please try to do this test before mounting your DevTerm, it will help everyone to get a better device, in all way.

And if your screen is broken before or after mounting, contact CPi by email and tell them what you’ve done, they should replace the part and be thankful for your help.


Thanks for this!

I finally received my DevTerm yesterday and I have to say this was the most difficult and thrilling part of the assembly (and mounting the screen of course). Afterwards it was a piece of cake! :smile:

I don’t usually enjoy building my own hardware but building the DevTerm is fun.

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I was reading through the this post and I definitely think I have a DOA screen. The backlight is out, but if you shine a light on it you can see startup text.

I tried to contact the clockwork folks but I don’t think I had the right address - any suggestions ??

I’m so close to using my devterm I can sense it !!

You can contact

Meanwhile as you have the backlight problem, while you wait and if you have the tools you can try to fix it