Put my A-04 together charged up the batteries, pushed the power button and...nothing

Troubleshooting so far:

Flashed the updated OS on the provided card
Flashed the OS onto a new card (using BalenaEtcher)
Checked every single internal connection to make sure they were securely seated
Took out the batteries
Took the case and keyboard off
Plugged it into the wall charger
Pushed the power button for the allotted time…
…and then, actually, there was a high-pitched whining sound coming from the main board for about 5 sec. Then nothing.

Is this a bad board?

Any thoughts?



if you put in the batteries snd switch on, does the yellow charging light and the green light go on?
If not externally try to charge the batteries and try again…

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When I put in batteries alone and switch on, then only the green light comes on.

When I have the batteries in and plug in the charger, both the yellow and green lights come on.

I will try charging the batteries in their dedicated charger again.


If you have power and charging lights on, please check the screen with a flashlight placed close to the screen to see if the screen is on, but the backlight is not working.

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I have this issue, backlight doesnt turn on but i can see the text with flaslight, just barely.

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see here:

argh, of course something like this happens… i’ll check how mine looks when i can

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I’m hoping that’s it’s not that, since my soldering skills are meager.

I will indeed check that!

My concern for the board comes from hearing/feeling no hardware start-up—no fan, etc.

i dont see mine being broken, at least not visibly

edit: i do not have the skills to fix this so i guess i’ll ask for a refund

thanks for the help anyway

if it is the backlight you can see the image on the screen with a strong flashlight, maybe the one on your phone is strong enough.
If you see a picture on your screen without backlight this is probably what happened :slightly_frowning_face:

you can email help@clockworkpi.com to receive a replacement part, you don’t have to go full refund if you don’t want to.

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Well, nothing has worked. :man_shrugging:

I have an email out to clockwork; we’ll see what happens next.

Update: Super-fast reply to my email. The thought is that it’s a completely unresponsive screen. A new screen is being sent, with one of the better endings to a customer service response that I’ve ever seen:

“We’ll work through this together.” :grinning: