Rdp default login /password

what is the default login and password on clockpi A-06 I can use with RDP ?

Unlikely to work.

For SSH (on Linux distros), something like WinSCP or PuTTY is able to connect to your device. RDP on ClockworkOS through Remmina is possible, but as a client to connect to an RDP server elsewhere.

You would need to install the xrdp package to make that work. It uses whatever user accounts you have on the system. It also may not play nice with all x11 software.

I use xrdp on a lot of machines.

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I know how to run RDP and xrdp is already installed .What I don’t know is login/password I have to use . Is it root/root ?

sudo passwd root (If it’s rasbian) should allow you to set your root password. Rdp is a pain, the built in vnc server has treated me much better.

the default user is cpi, pass is cpi.