Reboot option on menu

Power off is OK, but reboot is useful too :slight_smile:

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Personally, I adjusted the PowerOFF script.


Don’t forget that an update will overwrite your changes if you change one of the launcher file

Yes me too, in the power off script i put sudo reboot instead of sudo halt

yes, any tips to keep our custom script after upgrade ?

just saw your script, we do the same thing :slight_smile:

Nice! :smiley:

Uh, we can ask them to change it (merge it? I’ve never used Github as a creator) on github? Then our tweak will be everyone’s tweak!
Mild Maniacal laughter

good idea, i will put a request on gameshell github

Could you guys please, make any nOOb guide for users like me that don´t know any about code? Thanks!

For now, you can download the _init script from the link I provided, SCP into the gameshell and replace the file at /home/apps/launcher/menu/gameshell/poweroff with the one provided.

Since it will be deleted when the system updates, we are hoping to have it merged with a future update.

Or created a reboot directory (at same level as poweroff) and put the file into it

With that, you keep the poweroff option

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My script has both…
A for shutdown
Y for reboot

B for shutdown
X for reboot
If you are using xbox button placement

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ohh, yes, it’s a good idea ! no need to get one program per action :slight_smile:

I use your idea now :stuck_out_tongue:

i have to change the confirmation message depends of the option

Thanks for the script this really cleans things up, I just changed my menu item to Power instead of PowerOFF and changed the prompt to “Awaiting Selection”.

During the init , we can only set up one page ?

It’s works for me! Thank you very much to both :smiley:image

Im just do the icon for thanks your help, hope you like it!



That makes way more sense!
I couldn’t think of a proper prompt :sweat_smile:

Again with the excellent icons!
I will be changing mine to this :smiley:


for info i open an “issue” on the github requesting the change of the poweroff script to give the choice of a reboot action
and i copy /paste modified line of the script