"Reload.sh" for Reloading Launcher

If you’re like me, you’re tinkering with your launcher a lot, and rebooting the whole device everytime you want to see your changes… Then you find a faster way by launching a application then exiting back manually. But this gets tiresome. So after some researching around a bit, I have found the most optimal way to do this and even am sharing my resources.

The Script

Its super simple, create “Reload.sh” and put it on your device @ /home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/. I named the script 90_Reload.sh so its at the end of my launcher list. For the contents of the script, use:


exit 0

Make it pretty

Download the above icon. My icon matches the original theme/skin of the Gameshell. Though of course you can make anything you want. This .png should match the same filename as your shell script, so in my case, I named it Reload.sh.


This is handy for excactly as I stated above, if you’re moving things around or creating new launcher shortcuts, run this “Reload” script to quickly reload the launcher without having to reboot the whole GameShell.

Thanks @guu for providing such a easy, and effective code to get the job done.


Thanks a lot ! This really saves a lot of time during testing.

thanks for the beautiful icon ,too

Is there gonna be a copyright issue if I include this icon into next version of launcher? :slight_smile:

No problem, go for it.

Negative. I created it entirely myself in photoshop, give you all rights to use it. :slight_smile:

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Well, I followed the instruction and after turning off the gameshell it simply showing loading picture. Can’t even shh to it. How can I reset it?

Not very sure about what happend to you

but if you can not even ssh into GS

you can burn clockworkpi_os image to tf card again

Yeah, that what I did. But that’s weird.