A06 Thermal Pad location

I just want to verify the correct location of the thermal pad. The instructions seem to say to place it on the BRNMH chip under the red arrow in the picture, but the diagram doesn’t exactly match what the A06 board looks like in person. The instructions don’t mention the A06 explicitly, so they seem to be generic as to the core. Can anyone verify in the thermal pad goes on that chip or on the Rockchip to the right of it?


The arrow is pointing to the ram which usually doesn’t get hot at all.
Put thermal pad on the rockchip CPU.

Also, remember to remove those two plastic sticker things from the mounting posts before trying to install the screws!

I don’t have a uconsole, but are you sure you have all the antennas connected correctly? :eyes: I see the GPS (GNSS) port is occupied, but I would assume it is the connector on the other end (past AUX) that needs to be connected to the cellular antenna PCB.

Thanks! Good call about the antenna, I did have it swapped incorrectly. I’m not sure which stickers / posts you’re referring to, though.

The thermal pad has plastic on both sides, gotta pull it off first.

OK, got it. Thanks for your help.

The posts under the CPU module (assuming you will secure it with 2 screws)

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naa, it just clicks in place like sticks of ram. Once the pad in on, and the lid screwed down, it can’t really move.

“The screws are more of a suggestion than a rule.” - Barry99705

Is it just me, or is there a lot of slop in the screw hexes?