Reinstalling RetroArch? [Solved]

So I was SSH’ing into the Gameshell trying to follow the megathread and now I can’t actually even start RetroArch. It just goes to a black screen, then back to the menu. Is there a way to reinstall RetroArch completely? I’ve got a SCP open for the files but i’m not 100% as to what I need to replace.

Actually now that I’m looking at it, nothing really loads except for FreeDoom. Cavestory even just goes to a black screen and then exits back to menu.

Same issue for me, I’m not alone! :slight_smile:

in a first time you could try edit & fix or reset the retroarch config file, located at ~/.config/retroarch/retroarch.cfg

for delete current one && download the latest official :

cd ~/.config/retroarch/ && rm -f retroarch.cfg && wget

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Or, just go into the RA config dir and use the retroarch.cfg.blbak which seems to be a copy of the modified cfg it ships with.

Whoops. I never posted that I fixed this.

I just ended up formatting the memory card and re-flashing the OS to it and start over. Everything is working fantastic now.

Good thing you didn’t, 'cos the solution posted by r043v helped me out :grinning: