Messed up retroarch

Well, I tried to update my RetroArch which was ver 1.8.1 something (buggy, and it has bad sound when I play GBA games).
After tinkering via SSH for I while, I successfully messed it up. Now, everything runs with retroarch only shows random characters.
I think I need to build it up from sketch now. Any help? Thanks!

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still a little on the vague side…

if its a config issue maybe this may help:

there is a megathread here:

or maybe upgrade to 1.9:

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Thanks. Maybe I shall say that I need to delete the old one and rebuild the new one from sketch.

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That is the only way Valssu, I tried doing without deleting but no major breakthrough.

Thou prefer taking a backup before deleting, follow the step metioned here: Tutuapp then it will be easier and safe.

Hope this helps.