RetroArch looks not like it should be

Hi. My RetroArch not looks like before, after i want to replace the config File:


How do i can reinstall RetroArch? I tried to start the normal installation again, but it didn’t work.

Hope you can help a beginner.

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If you SCP into the GameShell, you can edit the retroarch.cfg file at /home/cpi/.config/retroarch and edit the line:
menu_driver = “xmb”
menu_driver = “rgui”

If you were following fr500’s guide, the file will be in /home/cpi/retroarch

The problem here is that you’re not using the config they shipped

wget && cp -fv retroarch.cfg ~/.config/retroarch/ should restore it to defaults

Then you can start over with the guide.
Or if you want to make it work, open ~/.config/retroarch/ with nano or vi and change menu_driver to rgui and video_fullscreen to true.

The problem right now is that it’s starting in 3x windowed mode.

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