What happened to my Retroarch? Pls help

It’s probably the config that’s causing this. There should be a backup file in the RetroArch folder, so you have to SSH there and replace the broken one.

Do you know where the back up file is exactly?

can you see the file named retroarch.cfg.bak or just download from

https://github.com/clockworkpi/GameShellDocs/blob/master/retroarch.cfg and scp to


Do I just copy the website things?

Also what do you do when you find the file?

you can rename retroarch.cfg.bak to be retroarch.cfg

if you still can not see the launcher show up , maybe the easiest way is to re-flash the tf card again

os image v0.4 download url


I’m not sure where the retroarch.cfg.bak is

As guu wrote, it should be under ~/.config/retroarch.

Is it called remaps?

No, it should be right in the RetroArch folder, not in a sub-folder.

the full path is /home/cpi/.config/retroarch

~/.config/retroarch equals /home/cpi/.config/retroarch

It was already named retroarch.cfg.

Can I just restart the whole thing?
If yes, where do I download that os image v0.4 url


Where do I put the dowloaded content?

you are on windows ,right ?

pull out the sd card from gameshell, then insert it into PC, but DON’T FORMAT IT , windows will notice you that
the card can not be recognize blah blah blah , just ignore,

the use


to flash the downloaded img file into the sd card

windows will assign the sd-card a new Disk character , like D: or else, just check it in the My Computer and remember it
be careful

in etcher, select the downloaded img file as source, and select the new Disk character as target drive

NEVER choose the C:,it’s you windows system disk.

then flash it

after finished, pull out the sdcard from PC ,re-insert it into GameShell, then boot up GameShell
All done.

the whole process is just a Restore factory settings

good luck

So I shouldn’t format it? Windows is telling me that I need to format the disk to F: before I can use it.

Thanks for the help. I’m really just confused with what’s going on.

don’t format , format will wipe out everything on that card