Renew uConsole panel

After use, it is found that the paint on the panel is easy to peel off, especially where the edges are easy to be bumped. The exposed background color of the aluminum-magnesium alloy will affect the use experience.

The solution is to remove the panel, cover the logo and text with masking paper, and then use the Tamiya ts6 matte black self-spray paint purchased from Taobao to spray the complementary color on the faded part.

The effect is very good, and there is no visible difference between the complementary color and the original paint. Chromatic Aberration and Boundaries.


This is why I lamented the move away from CNC aluminum. Painted magnesium alloy flakes.

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Easier to produce at scale though.

i think maybe CNC aluminum is more heavier than this one

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Last time I had anything made of Magnesium - it was the engine on my VW…

i prefer the chipped paint corners and wear, it gives a lived in feel of a real retro deck. in fact i might relic it even more. but thanks for the paint tip. I’m thinking of making mine neon yellow