Replacement Expansion Card?

I bought a used DevTerm R-01. The listing said the previous owner “couldn’t get the printer to work”. The price was a good deal lower than a new order, and no wait time, so I thought I could give it a stab with 30 years of Linux experience …

Oh well, it turns out that most likely the expansion card is toast – opening the DevTerm it looks like the printer motor ran hot and melted into the shell … and parts of the expansion port socket were taped off (with packing tape of all things). So quite obviously, previous owner knew something was off, since with the packing tape removed, the DevTerm doesn’t initialize the screen and/or does not boot at all (pictures below)

I can’t seem to find the expansion card (and printer) as a replacement part on the clockwork pi store. I am mostly worried about the lack of fan without it, and mostly annoyed about losing the two USB ports.

So, the question is: Where can I get a replacement expansion and/or printer attachment?


more pictures

and the taped off socket

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Reached out to Alex asking to purchase a replacement. He graciously offered to send a replacement for free if the original order was less than six months ago. Seller told me he bought the DevTerm used himself and doesn’t have an order number, so I am a bit out of luck… let’s see where this goes.

Related, I wondered why there were two keyboards in my package. Lo and behold, more hints at destructive handling in the past …

(only plus side is that the trackball in the broken keyboard feels better than in the other, so I will probably swap those).

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Since the seller claims the issues are due to software, I stopped arguing with them and sent an email to Alex. A replacement board and printer module is on order. Also, the trackball from the keyboard module works almost flawlessly after transplanting it into the working keyboard module, so it brought some good to this house (-:


Replacement printer and exp board came in the mail today (actually a couple days ago, but I had to pick it up at the neighbor). Toolless installation means that 10 minutes late I am good to go.

Now to find the cups config for this thing (-;