Where can we order replacement parts?

Hey guys,

I’ve admittedly dropped my A06 more than enough times to cause some damage. As a result, I am now considering buying a new screen.

Has anyone here purchased replacement parts like this? If so, how can I start that process?


I had a damaged piece, and I sent in a ticket in 2019. I never received a response nor replacement part, so YMMV. It was inconsequential so I just dropped following up.

Try opening a ticket with them. I recently ordered a new GS in October 22, ETA was 60 days so by December 22, and they let me know that the production was kicking off which was very nice of them to let me know. Received a GS in Mid-Jan 23, so maybe they have lots of spare parts right now. They’re a little slow to respond, but I think they respond eventually. Timing might be problematic due to Lunar New Years if you’ve dealt with anything of SEA origins. I’d send a ticket now, follow up 1-2 weeks after today.

I think I wrote to help@clockworkpi.com about the printer printing badly, and they sent me a replacement piece after a little back and forth. Similarly, the keyboard became kinda of hard to type on, and they sent me a replacement board. I would suggest writing to them and asking to buy a new screen, and see if they just send you one. That’s what happened with the keyboard for me. Best of luck