Replacement wifi antenna

The Raspberry pi has a huge amount of support out there already.

As @markatlnk said, partly it is the fact that it’s well supported. But I also wanted the 8GB of RAM available on the CM4 lite.

While I haven’t done any real performance tests or comparisons, I also feel like there’s no noticable performance difference between the CM4 and the A06. In theory, the A06 is faster, but not so much that I miss it or even feel it. I also spent time before messing around with the various CPU options and speed settings, never reslly sure if I was actually using it to its potential or not. With the CM4, it can be overclocked a bit for some performance boost but it’s not something I’m continually messing with and it just works.

I never had any major issues with the A06, but it seemed like I had reasons to reflash the OS and start fresh more than I would have liked. The CM4 seems like it will be able to update more reliably.

I ordered the uConsole with the CM4 before using one on my DevTerm. I figured I could choose either to use the CM4 on both devices or use the A06 again on one of them. But after using the CM4 on the DevTerm, I’m pretty sure I’ll be keeping the uConsole as CM4 too. (I might swap the 8GB and 4GB cores though.) So I guess the A06 will juat be a backup.

thanks for taking the time to write out your rational - the issue I have with the A-06 are as you have explained - I’ve had to reflash at least once. and there is an ongoing issue with the screen locking up even when the sleep mode is turned off - I may purchase the CM4 kit for mine and a new mother board and turn my a-06 into a stand alone computer with an external monitor and keyboard. but I’ll look at the delta and just buy a DevTerm with CM4 and be done with it… still waiting on the uConsole with an A-06 after the shipping delays wish I had gone with a CM4…

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I went to the power settings in XFCE and disabled the power management and auto screen off. Left the device plugged in overnight and it never went to sleep. Maybe give that a go.

Finally got the antenna and replaced it. Still having the same issue so maybe I’m not having an antenna problem after all…

Everything works when I am within 5 feet of my AP, but once I move away the device is just not able to connect to my wifi.

You may want to check this thread: CM4 uConsole defaults to PCB antenna resulting in poor wifi reception

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Appreciate the link! I don’t think that applies since there is only one place to put the antenna for the a06.

I was having trouble with it on my A06 as well. I turned off power save mode for wlan0 and it doesn’t drop out anymore, and connects more easily. It doesn’t increase the reception, but it is actually usable now. It kept dropping out or would have trouble connecting before.

Power Management seems set off by default for me. I checked using iwconfig

I was going to make an external antenna mount, but testing with a different antenna doesn’t seem to change the signal at all.

I’m also having trouble with the wifi on the A06 :frowning: even in the same room as the router the connection is terrible, and one room over it’s unusable.

This is my biggest complaint about the uConsole as well. I’ve had generally poor wifi reception in the places around my house I use my devices at, and I never considered this could be such a struggle for some devices.

It makes me wonder, I’ve stuck the antenna to the recommended place (didn’t stick the 4G antenna yet, it’s hanging out inside of the device), and I fear that unsticking it is very likely going to cause it to break. Has anyone tried just leaving the antenna hanging somewhere? I also wonder If it could be tuned somehow.

Besides the first message, has anyone tried other convenient stick-on antennas and can they report their results?

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I’ve just ordered the official Raspberry PI WiFi antenna for the CM4, so I should get that in a couple of days

Well the official Rapberry PI WiFi antenna arrived, I connected it to the CM4 and it has definitely made an improvement.

The only downside is that it has nowhere to mount to the case.

I’m now going to look at options here, either make a custom cover for the expansion port (I’ve got the 4G board in there) or see if I can print a cover for the top to allow the antenna to fit on the top.

I started cadding up a mount, then realized where i want the antenna is where one of the speakers lives.

I used the plate with a hole my a06 came with



Unfortunately I have the mobile board so that hole is in use on mine

how secure is that? It’s supposed to be held in place with that nut on the antenna side.

It should be, I’ve got another of the official antennas on a different CM4 case and there the nut holds it firm to the enclosure as it fits from the inside and the nut screws in from the outside.

But looking at that pic from @caffinepwrd it does seem to be mounted from the outside instead so it won’t be bolted correctly.

I’m still trying to figure out how to mount mine.